Enrollment at West Fargo Public Schools

  • West Fargo Public Schools is the fastest growing school district in the state of North Dakota. We see an increase of 400-600 students each academic year. If this trend continues, it is expected that the district’s enrollment will increase by 60% by 2024-25. Enrollment is then expected to plateau at an estimated level of 14,500 students.

    A West Fargo Public Schools family can also elect to open-enroll their children into a different district. When this occurs, the family submits an application with the home district and the chosen district of enrollment, stating their intent to change schools. It is up to the school’s discretion to accept or deny an open enrollment request. West Fargo students open-enroll to Fargo, Northern Cass, Kindred, Enderlin, Richland, Mapleton, and Central Cass. Students come to West Fargo Public Schools from Fargo, Richland, Mapleton, Maple Valley, Northern Cass, Kindred, and Central Cass. Historically, West Fargo Public Schools has lost more students to open-enrollment every year as the number electing to leave the district surpasses the number of students who want to come into the district. On average, West Fargo Public Schools has three times as many outgoing students when compared to incoming students. 

Past & Current Enrollment

District enrollment figures from September 30 of each year.

Projected Enrollment