Extended School Year


  • June 4-27, 2019

    Classes are held Monday-Thursday from 8:00AM-12:00PM

    2019 Summer School Sites

    • Aurora Elementary (Aurora and Legacy students attend)
    • Westside Elementary (Westside and South students attend)
    • L.E. Berger Elementary (Berger and Harwood students attend)
    • Eastwood Elementary (Eastwoood students attend)
    • Horace Elementary (Horace students attend)
    • Willow Park Elementary (Willow Park and Welcome Center students attend)
    • Osgood Elementary (Independence and Osgood students attend)
    • Brooks Harbor Elementary (Freedom and Brooks Harbor students attend)

    The focus of summer school 2019 is on remedial reading. Qualifying students will be invited by the classroom and reading teachers in each elementary building beginning on March 11, 2019. All registrations need to be submitted to the school before April 12th.