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  • West Fargo Public Schools believes that technology is an important tool in supporting the achievement of the district strategic goals of providing a 21st Century Learning experience for all students that supports their academic literacy and prepares them for college, career and life. The district’s technology plan is a product of collaboration between multiple district units, specifically curriculum and instruction, to meet the evolving curricular and operational needs of the district. The district’s vision to maintain a comprehensive plan to reconcile the needs of our district with the fluid landscape of technology is based on a collaboratively defined learning environment and the purposeful role of technology in that learning environment. Simply put, the technology department is a support system for every student and staff member in the district in providing “the right tools for the job.”

    During the 2015-16 academic year, the district took a major step forward in realizing its comprehensive vision of technology usage in our current environment. The initial phase of our 1:1 device initiative put a powerful tool in the hand of every sixth grade student in our district. This 1:1 initiative complimented concurrent efforts to increase device access and device diversity at all grade levels. During this upcoming year, these initiatives will continue to grow as the district exceeds 10,000 in terms of total number of deployed computer and tablet devices. These initiatives and devices are reflective of the district’s commitment to have curricular and operational needs drive technology systems. By doing so, the district creates a flexible and responsive technology ecosystem to support the student learning experience in West Fargo Public Schools.

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Ed Mitchell

Director of Technology

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  • Leidal Education Center
  • West Fargo High School
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