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Special Education Transportation

West Fargo Public Schools will provide special education transportation as a related service for children that have been found eligible via their annual Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  

To meet our goal of ensuring the transportation we are offering can be individualized based on student needs, our Transportation Department will follow the following practices starting August 25, 2022:  

  • In order to transport, the drop off and pick-up addresses must be correct and confirmed within PowerSchool.
    • If you have an address change, please notify your child’s school office.
    • Re-routing due to address changes may take up to five working days.
  • Special Education transportation will only be provided to and from one morning address and one afternoon address within the child’s homeschool attendance area (or serving school if the child attends a specialized program).  
  • Your child should be ready 5 minutes prior to the bus's arrival time; they may wait indoors if appropriate.  
  • The bus will wait outside your residence for 1 minute past the arrival time.   
  • If your child does not require transportation due to illness, medical appointments, or vacation, it is your responsibility to call the transportation department no later than 7:00am. Their number is (701) 356-2120.  
    • If your child has not shown up for their transportation service 3 days in a row and you have not called the transportation department in advance, you must contact the transportation department to re-establish the service.  
  • If determined by the IEP team, an adult must be present for pick-up and drop off.   
    • If an adult is not present to meet the child, the child will be brought back to their home school, and you will be expected to pick up or arrange pick-up for your child.   
  • Transportation to and from daycare or therapy will only be honored within the child’s homeschool attendance area (or serving school if the child attends a specialized program). This guidance applies to students receiving special education transportation as a part of their IEP in grades K-12 and transition academy.  

Please refrain from sending your child on the bus with food or toys. The transportation department will have access to sensory items to support children as they ride if needed. Any other toys, food, or objects that a child may require to have a successful ride must be listed as an accommodation on their IEP. 

NOTE: Bus pick up and drop off times may vary by day depending on what students are riding and their departure time from school.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s specialized transportation, please contact their case manager or the WFPS special education office. Transportation for your child can be reviewed any time by their IEP team.    

If a student has an IEP and the team agrees transportation is required as a related service, the IDEA regulations (34 CFR § 300.34(c)(16) can include travel to and from school and between schools. 

According to ND Century Code 15.1-32-16, the student’s IEP team should consider the transportation strategies that are most prudent and appropriate given each individual’s disability and needs. The team must consider and document the distance of the commute and its impact on the student’s education and/or special needs, as well as any safety concerns. The full IEP team must arrive at a consensus about who is responsible for the implementation of transportation and any costs. This must be documented in the adaptations section and related services section of the IEP.