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Baseball & Softball Field Rental Guidelines



  1. West Fargo Public Schools makes its baseball and softball fields available for public use, with some exceptions to availability. Baseball and softball fields are closed to all outside organizations from October 15 – April 15 and during non-instructional weekdays during the school year (vacations, professional development days, and holidays). These parameters do not apply to events scheduled by the district’s activities departments, or events that are directly affiliated with the district (PTO/PTA, Packer Backers, Mustang Boosters, Hawks Boosters, WFEA, School Board, district-level hosted events, etc.)
    1. The hours of use on school days (excluding Wednesdays, when facilities are not available for rent) shall be restricted to the period from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM.
    2. The hours of use on weekends shall be restricted to the period of 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM at all fields.
    3. The hours of use on non-instructional weekdays shall be restricted to the period of 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM.
    4. Baseball and Softball fields will be scheduled no more than 20 hours per week to ensure adequate field resting and maintenance.
    5. To help maintain the quality of our baseball and softball fields, field closures may be scheduled at certain sites throughout the year to allow for field maintenance and renovation. While such closures will attempt to be scheduled well in advance, the condition of the facility and the health and safety of our students, staff, and clients take ultimate priority in the management of our fields.
  2. All clients must submit a rental application to the Facility Rental Program for the use of a baseball or softball field at least ten business days in advance of the desired use date(s). Team/organization rosters must be submitted in conjunction with an application if an organization feels they may be eligible for the WFPS student discount (see Fee Structure for Baseball and Softball Fields).
  3. Prior to each rental period, applications will be reviewed to identify any “long-term” renters. These renters will have a large volume of space needs for the duration of the season. Long-term renters are eligible for modest rate reductions with the expectation of helping with certain maintenance tasks.
  4. Applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year and will be reviewed as they are received by the Facility Rental Program. The utilization of one processing timeframe throughout the year allows the district to assign space based on the best utilization possible, rather than on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    1. All applications will be processed according to the following timeline:
    2. April 16 – October 14 events are processed the fourth week in February
  5. Applications may be referred to another school facility if the requested facility is unavailable or inappropriate for the purposes of the requesting client.
  6. Use of the facilities shall not be permitted to interfere with the operation of the schools or with school activities. School-sponsored activities always take precedence, even when scheduled after the signing of a facility rental contract.


  1. Once the application has been approved by all appropriate parties within the district, a rental contract will be issued, and the event(s) will be added to the appropriate district calendar(s).
    1. The rental contract must be electronically signed by the client at least ten business days in advance of the desired use date in order to avoid cancelation of reservations and/or the rental contract. Use of a West Fargo Public Schools space will not be permitted without a signed contract.
    2. In no instance may a signed rental contract be transferred from one client to another.
    3. Once a rental contract is drafted, the only allowable changes are cancelations of confirmed dates, as referenced below. Any other change (date/time/location/equipment) must be made through the submission of a new application and will result in the loss of currently reserved space. 
  2. Cancelation of any event is permitted. In order to avoid a penalty, the cancelation notice must be received at least five business days in advance. Cancelations submitted after this time will result in loss of the contracted fee.
    1. Use of the facilities by clients is automatically canceled when schools must be closed due to inclement weather or other conditions.
    2. The decision to close the field due to inclement weather will typically be made no later than 1 hour prior to the start of any daily scheduled activities. This timeframe allows for adequate assessment of weather conditions and ensures that participants can be notified promptly. Long-term renters may be held accountable for the decision to close fields due to the weather.
    3. The baseball and softball fields are not to be used in rain, wet, frost, or frozen conditions. Cancelation of events in these conditions will be at the discretion of the Facility Rental Program, approved representative of WFPS, or approved long-term renters dependent on the following:
      1. If a footstep leaves an impression on the turf or if the grass is easily removed with a cleat.
      2. If water gathers around the sole of a shoe or boot on any portion of the outfield.
      3. Standing puddles of water are present, or the ground is water-logged.
      4. Footing is inconsistent and slippery.
      5. Lightning and/or thunder are present.
      6. Severe weather warnings are in effect.
      7. The field is frozen or frosted over.
      8. General unsafe facility conditions due to inclement weather
      9. In the event of significant rainfall, the decision to close the field will be based on the accumulation of precipitation over a 24-hour period. Generally, if there has been rainfall resulting in more than 1 inch of rain within the previous 24 hours, the field may be deemed unsuitable for use.
    4. West Fargo Public Schools expects it’s long-term renters to make the decision to close fields based on the long-term maintenance of the facility. WFPS reserves the right to suspend access to facilities for failure to close due to weather
      1. For short-term renters, notification of field closures will be communicated via email from the Facility Rental Program.
  3. An event liaison is required to be present at every large event. The event liaison is responsible for enforcing all district policies and expectations related to facility rentals, as well as being the point of contact for potential district questions and concerns. Event liaison information will be collected, in addition to the client’s, on all facility rental applications and will be shared with district event staff as appropriate.

Field Usage

  1. Please consider that most fields are used spring through fall and must be maintained for longevity.  Damage to turf and playing surface in the spring will result in damage throughout the remainder of the year.
  2. To minimize field wear and maintenance, the following measures shall be instituted:
    1. Fields may be retired or rested from play each season to allow rehabilitation or regrowth of the turf as determined by WFPS Staff.
    2. WFPS Staff may close facilities for games or practices based on current or expected facilities and weather conditions. WFPS reserves the right to make decision to rest fields at any time, even after the signing of a facility rental contract. WFPS will use its best efforts to consult with the organization, but the final determination shall at all times be that of the WFPS Staff.
  3. Only officials, field supervisors, coaches, and players are permitted on the field. There are to be no bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, recreational vehicles, or animals within the complex.
  4. West Fargo Public Schools will provide a designated event liaison to be on site during field use for large events.
    1. The event liaison will ensure that a qualified individual will operate the use of equipment. The event liaison or other district representative, as a representative of the Facility Rental Program, will make all administrative-level decisions during the event in relation to weather and field quality. They will consult with the Facility Rental Program and/or Buildings & Grounds Department prior to discontinuance of field use to any client displaying inappropriate use.
    2. The client will be responsible for the cost of the event liaison, as indicated in the associated fee structure and reflected in the facility rental contract.
  5. The client and all field participants are to wear the required footwear at all times on the baseball and softball fields.
    1. Participants, coaches, and officials must wear molded sole shoes, rubber cleats, spiked cleats, metal cleats, or tennis shoes on the baseball or softball fields.
  6. Substances that may affect the baseball and softball field’s integrity are strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive sunflower seeds, glass, chewing gum, candy, food, crepe paper, coffee, soft drinks, petroleum jelly, paints, dyes, fertilizers, and pesticides. Such substances must be kept outside of the playing area fence; only water is allowed on the baseball and softball fields. An automatic charge of up to $200, in addition to custodial staff costs, will be assessed to the client for cleanup of such prohibited debris.
  7. The use of grills (charcoal, gas, or wood), fireworks, or other explosive devices are prohibited. There is to be no burning of any material on school property.
  8. The use of sharp objects or golf clubs on the baseball and softball fields is prohibited.
  9. Approved long-term renters, with permission from the WFPS Facility Rental Program, can chalk infields for large events. Any unapproved marking, lining, or painting on the turf or other facility surfaces is prohibited.
  10. Litter in any of the complexes including dugouts is to be collected by the renter and placed in the provided trash receptacles.  When trash receptacles are full in the dugouts, renters will tie bags and move outside the fenced area to a designated dumpster for collection. 
  11. Refunds will be assessed if cancelation is due to weather conditions with severe thunderstorms, tornado watches or warnings, lightning, poor field conditions that prompt the closure of the facility.
  12. Pets are not allowed at athletic complexes.  Service animals are permitted.
  13. Porta-Potties will be made available for each rental. Restroom structures will only be available for large event rentals when an event liaison has been assigned to a renter’s event. 
  14. Stadium lights can be made available upon request. Lights will be scheduled 30 minutes prior to legal sunset through the duration of your event per the contracted rental agreement.
  15. Access to press box and PA systems can be made available upon request.

Respectful Use of Baseball and Softball Fields & Surrounding Complex

As indicated in West Fargo Public Schools “Use of District Facilities for other than School Purposes – Guideline 9,” clients are expected to conduct activities and use the space(s) in a respectful and orderly manner. It is expected that all clients will show respect to the building, staff, equipment, and each other when utilizing the space for their contractual period. Specific examples of the expectations that need to be followed include, but are not limited to, those listed below.

Upon notification of a client’s misuse of space (including those mentioned above), the Facility Rental Program will contact the client in question to discuss the issue. One warning will be given for the first infraction; any subsequent infractions will result in the loss of space for the remainder of the contractual period. As indicated in West Fargo Public Schools “Use of District Facilities for other than School Purposes – Guideline 4,” a client who violates the terms of the rental contract can also be denied future privileges at the discretion of the Facility Rental Program.


 West Fargo Public Schools adheres to the following fee structure relative to facility use agreements:    


Hourly Rate

Daily Maximum

Baseball/Softball Field


No maximum

Press Box & PA System (Horace and Sheyenne)





Hourly Rate

Daily Maximum



No maximum

Event Liaison


No maximum



Hourly Rate

Daily Maximum

Stadium Lights


No maximum


Additional Charges

Flat Rate

Prohibited Debris Removal


  1. The above tables indicate the current fee structure for use of the district’s baseball and softball fields (and associated spaces), with two noted exceptions:  
    1. Clients that are directly associated with or sponsored by the school district are exempt from the stated fee structure. Examples of such clients include the School Board, district administration, school-based student activities (athletics, fine arts, intramurals, clubs, groups, etc.), professional education associations, PTA/PTO, Packer Backers, Hawks Boosters, and Mustang Boosters.  
    2. Events that are comprised of at least 85% WFPS students are eligible for a discounted rate of 50% off the stated fee structure. Team/organization rosters must be submitted before an application is processed and/or a discount is provided. Discount does not apply to large-scale or special events or to staff costs.
  2. Use of the facilities shall not result in additional costs to the district. WFPS reserves the right to hold renters accountable for damage caused during their rental period or damages caused by representatives of the renting organization.
  3. Cancelations submitted less than five business days prior to the event will result in the loss of the deposit but will not result in additional charges.
  4. All rentals will be invoiced within one business day of receiving your signed electronic rental contract and the invoice will be available to view in your online client portal. Payment must be submitted in full via credit card through your online client portal at least 24 hours prior to the start of your rental contract. If you need to pay via cash, check, or other special accommodations, requests must be submitted to the Facility Rental staff and approved prior to signing your contract.
    1. For clients with approved special accommodations requests, invoices will be issued five business days before the end of each month or immediately following the conclusion of the event. All invoices will be available to view in your online client portal. These invoices must be paid in full prior to the end of the month. Credit card and check payments are accepted; credit card payments (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express) must be processed through your online client portal. If paying via check, please submit payment directly to Hulbert Aquatic Center Administrative Offices to be processed by facility staff prior to the last business day of the month.