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Policies & Forms

Administrative Policies & Regulations, Practices & Procedures, & Forms

This page includes the policies and regulations that govern the operations of West Fargo Public Schools; practices and procedures included in student handbooks; and forms from the district, the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, and the United States Department of Education.


When using the Search tool, please note that results are not specific to the policy section of the website. To ensure you click on a policy result, check for the letter code described in the Administrative Policy section below and/or review the web address for the result to confirm it's housed in the Policies & Forms section of the website. 

Administrative Policy & Regulation

The district's administrative policies are divided into nine categories, each of which is assigned a letter - Administration (C), Facilities Development (J), Fiscal Management (H), General Public Relations (K), Instruction (G), Non-Instructional Operations (I), Personnel (D), School District (A), and Students (F). The policies within each section are assigned a unique four-letter code, followed by "AP," which stands for "Administrative Policy."  


Practices & Procedures