Subcommittee Purpose

  • At their regularly scheduled meeting on December 11, 2023, the School Board further authorized district administration to form a subcommittee consisting of representatives from the LRFP task force, charged with further studying district growth and the ramifications of a failed referendum. This subcommittee, named 'Learning Environment Contingency Work Group' will specifically focus on:

    • Evaluating the implications of the failed bond referendum on our current and future facilities and educational programs.
    • Developing strategies to address immediate capacity challenges and accommodate future growth, including impacts on school building boundaries.
    • Enhancing communication and community engagement efforts to ensure stakeholders are well-informed about the issues at hand.
    • Reviewing and communicating understanding of 'Plan 2.0,' a comprehensive long-range facility planning initiative, to empower stakeholders with the knowledge needed for informed decision-making.

    The Learning Environment Contingency Work Group shall communicate its findings before any facilities recommendations are presented to the school board. 

Work Group Meetings