Rental Contract Policy



    1. West Fargo Public Schools makes its Hulbert Aquatic Center (HAC) available for public use, with some exceptions to availability: New Year’s Day, Easter weekend, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day/Observance, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. 

    1. The hours of operation on weekdays are 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM. The hours of operation on Saturdays are 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM and 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM on Sundays. Deviations from these hours of operation may occur with prior approval from the Aquatics Director. 

    1. Hulbert Aquatic Center offers to the public the use of the competition pool, lesson pool, two classrooms, locker rooms, and mezzanine. 

    1. Any individual or group looking to utilize the pool or dry spaces for an organized activity or event must submit a rental application to Hulbert Aquatic Center at least 15 business days in advance of the desired use date(s). 

    1. Rental applications must be submitted via the online form on Hulbert Aquatic Center webpage or through the clients online rental portal. All applications will be reviewed and processed by staff as they are received. 

    1. As requests are processed, clients will receive login credentials to access your online client portal to view invoices, edit contact information, and process payments.  

    1. As schedules allow, requests for the use of the Hulbert Aquatic Center may be submitted up to one year in advance of the desired use date(s). Contracts that extend multiple years must be approved by the Aquatics Director and West Fargo Public Schools Business Department. 

    1. Once the application has been approved by all appropriate parties within the facility, an electronic rental contract will be issued, and the event will be added to the appropriate district calendar(s).  

    1. The rental contract must be electronically signed by the client at least 10 business days in advance of the desired use date in order to avoid the cancellation of the event contract and a cancellation fee. Use of a West Fargo Public Schools’ space, including Hulbert Aquatic Center, will not be permitted without a signed contract. 

    1. Any cancellation following the submission of a signed contract will result in the assessment of a cancellation fee to be paid by the client. 

    1. Requested changes to a contract will be reviewed and acted upon by staff. Any agreed-upon changes to an already-signed contract will result in administrative fees, as indicated in ABBB-E2: Fee Structure for Hulbert Aquatic Center. 

    1. All displays relating to sportsmanship, team spirit, results, and event information must be checked in at the front desk and approved by the Aquatics Director (or appointed representative) prior to the start of the event. 

    1. All team posters and mascot displays must be professionally printed on vinyl with grommets for hanging. Paper posters or banners are prohibited from being displayed. 

    1. All team awards or gifts (vases, picture frames, etc.) presented during an event must be glass free. 

    1. Hulbert Aquatic Center is an adhesive-free building. The use of tape, Command™ strips, poster putty, etc. is strictly prohibited with the exception of blue painter’s tape during large event rentals. Please see the Aquatics Director to discuss an alternative hanging option to meet your needs. 

    1. The use of adhesive products will result in a per-piece fee of $25 to be assessed in the client’s final invoice (Ex: two violations is $50, three violations is $75, etc.). Adhesive fees will not be assessed for blue painter’s tape during large event rentals. 

    1. Helium balloons, streamers, confetti, and glitter are strictly prohibited. If necessary, please see the Aquatics Director for approval on decorations. 

    1. The use of outside equipment is not allowed unless prior written approval by the Aquatics Director (or appointed representative). 

    1. Outside food and beverages are not allowed unless prior written approval by the Aquatics Director (or appointed representative) is granted. Renters are prohibited from supplying food and beverage items to the general public and/or patron during their contract duration. 

    1. Hulbert Aquatic Center reserves the right to provide its own vendors for any scheduled and contracted events. 

    1. Any vendor attending a contracted event on the Hulbert Aquatic Center property must be approved by the Aquatics Director (or appointed representative) and indicated within the signed contract. 

    1. Three vendor spaces are available per contract. 

    1. Booth specifications will be provided by Hulbert Aquatic Center prior to the event. 

    1. Contact information for all approved vendors must be provided to the facility 15 days prior to the event. 

    1. All approved food vendors must provide a valid copy of their required Cass County Public Health license. 

    1. The use of the Hulbert Aquatic Center shall not be permitted to interfere with already scheduled operations of the facility or with school-based activities. Exceptions can be made for large events at the discretion of the Aquatics Director. 

    1. The use of the facility by clients is canceled when schools must be closed due to inclement weather or other conditions. West Fargo Public Schools grants the Aquatics Director the authority to cancel events and/or close the facility due to inclement weather on non-school days. 

    1. Hulbert Aquatic Center reserves the right to cancel/terminate all events due to facility mechanical failure. 

    1. An event manager is required to be present at all large-scale events hosted by West Fargo Public Schools (inclusive of high school athletic events) and large event rentals. An event manager will be scheduled by Hulbert Aquatic Center, at the cost to the client. 

    1. The event manager is responsible for enforcing all district policies and expectations related to the use of Hulbert Aquatic Center, as well as being the point of contact for potential questions and concerns. 

    1. In no instance may a signed rental contract be transferred from one client to another. 

    1. All attendees, regardless of age, are subject to complete a swim test prior to utilizing the competition pool. 

    1. All private coaching, training, and private swim lessons must be conducted under a signed rental contract. 


    Additional Guidelines for Large Event Rentals 

    Large event rentals (LERs) are available for large-scale or multiple day events and have the option to rent the competition pool, lesson pool, locker rooms, meet management room, and the mezzanine. 


    1. Rental applications for the use of the entire Hulbert Aquatic Center facility must be submitted to Hulbert Aquatic Center at least six weeks in advance of the desired use date(s). 

    1. An event schedule should be submitted at the time of application, or a minimum of six weeks in advance of the desired use date(s). 

    1. A final, detailed event itinerary must be submitted to the Aquatics Director (or appointed representative) a minimum of five days prior to the desired use date(s). This must include; event schedule, warm-up durations and space allocation, locker room usage/ assignments, and additional hospitality requests/deliveries. 

    1. Rentals of Hulbert Aquatic Center dry spaces (classrooms, conference room, office/viewing rooms, dryland training room, etc.) are not included in the LER, but can be reserved for an additional cost. 

    1. If a client wishes to reserve a classroom for hospitality purposes, details must be submitted with the rental contract. Additional hospitality specifications (catering deliveries, room prep, etc.) must be prearranged and approved by staff within five days prior to the event start. 

    1. The dryland training room requires the supervision of a qualified coach or personal trainer; certifications must be presented to the Aquatics Director at the time of application. 

    1. The dryland training room may be rented by clients for use other than training purposes (officials or team meetings, etc.). This type of rental will need to be approved by the Aquatics Director prior to the issuing of a formal event contract. The use of training equipment is strictly prohibited. 

    1. Hulbert Aquatic Center timing system is available for large scale events at an additional cost. Hulbert Aquatic Center staff will operate the timing system and scoreboard. 

    1. The client is required to provide the Hy-Tek™ operator and any additional staff required for the event (timers, officials, announcers, diving score tracker, etc.). 


    Respectful Use of Space in Hulbert Aquatic Center 

    As indicated in West Fargo Public Schools “Use of District Facilities for other than School Purposes – Guideline 9,” clients are expected to conduct activities and use the space(s) in a respectful and orderly manner. It is expected that all clients will show respect to the building, staff, equipment, and each other when utilizing the space for their contractual period. 


    Specific examples of the expectations that need to be followed include, but are not limited to: 

    • No glass allowed within the facility (ceramic cups, glass mugs, picture frames, vases, etc.) 

    • No street shoes allowed on the pool deck. 

    • Image recording devices may not be used in the locker room or restroom. 

    • Roughness, running, pushing others, climbing or hanging on equipment, snapping towels, or any other roughhousing actions are not permitted. 

    • Abiding by the guidelines related to the display of sportsmanship, team spirit, results, and event information (see “Applications & Rental Contracts for Hulbert Aquatic Center - Guideline 11”). 

    • Requesting all necessary equipment before a contract is signed. Failure to request may result in a contract alteration fee and/or risk of equipment not being available for use. 

    • Any individual not fully toilet trained MUST wear a swim diaper. Disposable and properly fitted reusable swim diapers are permitted. Reusable swim diapers must be changed and properly laundered after every use. 

    • No inflatable devices or water toys (balls, water wings, spray guns, innertubes, etc.) are allowed. 

    • Hulbert Aquatic Center does not provide guests with towels or locks. Guests are encouraged to use on-site lockers to store personal items. Locks are not provided for the on-site lockers, but locks can be brought by patrons. Items cannot be stored overnight in lockers. 

    • Hulbert Aquatic Center is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. 

    • Appropriate swimwear is required to help ensure the health and safety of all users. Swimmers must be attired in swimsuits, which must include linings and have adequate coverage. Specific swimwear regulations can be found on the facilities website. 

    • Not impeding other clients’ use of the space by arriving early, staying late, or invading any space that is in current use by another client. 

    • Occupying your designated space only for the time indicated on your contract - you cannot use any additional spaces or times than what is listed on your contract. 

    • Not climbing on chairs, tables, shelves, exposed structural elements, diving boards, railings, lane lines, scoreboards, or other structures that may prove dangerous or cause damage to facility property. 

    • Recognizing that space is being used by another client and providing them a comfortable and respectful level of space and noise to have a positive experience. 

    • Not impeding the building staff’s district and facility-level responsibilities. 

    • All facility equipment must be returned to its proper storage location after use. 

    • Addressing spills, messes, and damages in a timely manner and with the appropriate action. 

    • Speaking to all building occupants in a respectful tone, without the use of derogatory, insulting, or hateful language. 

    • Respecting the requests and commands made by staff, including lifeguards, and custodians. 



    Upon notification of a client’s misuse of space (including those mentioned above), the Aquatics Department will contact the client in question to discuss the issue. One written warning will be given for the first infraction; any subsequent infractions will result in the loss of space for the remainder of the contractual period. As indicated in West Fargo Public Schools “Use of District Facilities for other than School Purposes – Guideline 4,” a client who violates the terms of the rental contract can also be denied future privileges at the discretion of the Aquatics Department. 


    Last Updated 10/4/2023