Virtual Program Guidelines

  • West Fargo Public Schools utilizes the North Dakota Center for Distance Education (NDCDE) for virtual education. Below is a list of guidelines learners and families are expected to adhere while enrolled in courses provided by NDCDE:

    • Learners will complete their NDCDE course requirements outside of the school setting.
    • Families must communicate with NDCDE educators regarding their learner’s academic progress.
    • Learners earning a failing grade in their NDCDE course will be unable to enroll in the same course within the school setting. Learners will be able to do so the following school year, and or through summer school.
    • Onsite learners who participate in extra-curricular activities cannot drop a course they are failing and enroll in the virtual program to try to meet eligibility requirements. The learner will still be considered ineligible for competitions, performances, etc.
    • Learners who drop/withdraw from a course provided onsite to enroll in a course provided by NDCDE will have the drop recorded as a WF (withdraw fail) on their transcript. As with any WF, the designation remains until the credit has been recovered. The WF will also impact eligibility until the credit is recovered or the beginning of the following semester.
    • It is recommended that learners who are planning to enroll in courses through NDCDE do so prior to the start of the semester.
    • A home education student can take courses from NDCDE; however, the parent is responsible for paying for the course. Only students who are fully enrolled in an ND public school district can have the course paid for by the school.

Virtual Applications