ABCAA-E1: West Fargo Public Schools Color Guide


    The district’s official colors are dark green, royal blue, and old gold. Each color comes from one of the district’s three feeder-systems: green from the Packers, blue from the Mustangs, and gold from the Hawks.

    Each school’s primary color and secondary colors are indicated below; primary color selections are highlighted in grey.


    For the most accurate color, create products and print with a spot color process that utilizes Pantone (PMS) colors. However, there are circumstances when Pantone is not a viable option, such as working with basic design and word processing software, and web design. In these circumstances, select one of the alternative codes for the specific color.

    Pantone codes are a worldwide, universal system for color reproduction. The system allows for a color to be consistently produced between multiple vendors. Pantone includes true neon and metallic colors, and is best used for logos, apparel, and high-quality marketing materials (fabrics, furniture, signage, etc.).

    RGB codes are typically found in web design and software such as Microsoft Word. RGB is best used for designs that will be displayed on any kind of screen.

    CMYK codes are a cost-effective alternative to spot color and/or Pantone. Many paper publications can be produced with CMYK codes, but green and blue tones tend to appear more muted in this method. CMYK is best used for general paper printing (posters, brochures, business cards, etc.).

    HEX codes are used for web-based colors and software, rather than the actual printing process. HEX is best used when designing webpages or online graphics.


    Note: Horace High School and Heritage Middle School’s secondary color is a metallic old gold. If a metallic finish cannot be utilized, the nonmetallic alternative listed is an approved choice.