Block Schedule

  • What elements will the block schedule include?

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    The district recognizes there are strengths and challenges to any school schedule. With the goal of creating a schedule that provides the greatest opportunity for student learning experiences, supports for success, and staff professional collaboration, feedback sessions will focus on the following schedule elements during 2022: 
     • A/B versus other options
    • Block only or options for skinnies
    • Advisory time or not
    • Collaboration time for content
    • Collaboration time for academy teams
    • Global Elective collaboration
    • What autonomy will schools or teams have in the block?
    • Lunch sessions
    • Options to eliminate late start while still allowing for collaboration
    • Integration support services versus pull-out

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  • Will the block schedule impact learners' ability to participate in classes at other sites?

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    Having all West Fargo high schools on a block schedule will create more efficient options for schools to share learners, staffing, and transportation. 

    School leadership will continue to work with other districts to provide face-to-face and online opportunities for learners that wish to participate in courses offered at a partner school district, even if that school is on a different bell schedule.

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  • Why is a block schedule recommended as the framework for the academy model?

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    A block schedule provides more time for project-based learning, work experiences, and options for electives. The West Fargo Action Taskforce members believe the block schedule will best support district goals, personalized learning, and provide learners with more time in their high school schedule to explore. The schedule also increases the option for earning up to eight credits per year.

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