Extended School Year

  • June 5-22 and July 10-20, 2023

Elementary School

  • May 30 - June 22, 2023 

    Classes are held Monday-Thursday from 8:00AM-12:00PM

    2023 Summer School Sites

    • Aurora Elementary (Aurora and Freedom learners attend)
    • Brooks Harbor Elementary (ESY included) 
    • Eastwood Elementary (Eastwood and Harwood learners attend) 
    • LE Berger Elementary (ESY included) 
    • South Elementary (South and Westside learners attend) 
    • Legacy Elementary (Legacy, Deer Creek, Horace, and ESY learners attend) 
    • Osgood Elementary (Osgood and Independence learners attend) 
    • Willow Park Elementary (Welcome Center included)


Middle School

  • Coming Soon...

High School