2022-27 Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals: Wellness, Academic, & Choice Ready


    All learners and educators are engaged in safe and compassionate learning environments that foster collaborative relationships and their physical, social, and emotional well-being.

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    All learners are empowered to think critically, reflect, communicate, and achieve academic proficiency across all content areas and develop their Profile of a Graduate dispositions.

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    All learners are empowered to identify their passions, skills, and purpose, set goals, and determine a personalized pathway to thrive and contribute responsibly to the local and global community.

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West Fargo Public Schools: The District of Choice


    Educating all learners for tomorrow’s world.


    West Fargo Public Schools aligns instructional practices and resources to create a nurturing, learner-centered environment. Learners are empowered to develop knowledge, skills, and dispositions to thrive in a rapidly changing world.



    Self-Efficacy & Agency

    We believe in building self-efficacy (the belief they can) and agency (the desire to act), empowering all learners to advocate for their own learning and the supports they need to be successful.


    We believe that learning has a social component, and that learners need to be engaged in safe and nurturing relationships that allow them to develop their intellectual, physical, social, and emotional well-being.

    Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum (GVC)

    We believe that teaching is both an art and a science. We believe in a district GVC: defined as clearly articulated, evidence-based, transparent, and measurable proficiency in knowledge, skills, and dispositions for each course for each grading period.

    Assessment & Feedback

    We believe in timely, actionable, and relevant feedback in all aspects of education; empowering learners to determine and act on their next steps with guidance and support to move them to independence.

    Goal Setting & Reflection

    We believe goal setting and reflection are critical components of the learning process; encouraging learners to examine their decisions, resources, resilience, and responsibility.  

    Pathways & Pacing

    We believe in providing learners with resources, support, and spaces that empower them to determine appropriate learning pathways and drive their progress within a given timeframe.  

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