GABAA-AP: Education of English Learners


    It is the policy of the West Fargo Public Schools to provide the appropriate educational services as required by law, which allow all students enrolled to achieve success. Students are guaranteed equal educational opportunities in accordance to policy AAC-AP or other status protected by law.  Students who have been identified as lacking the necessary language proficiency to achieve in the classroom because of a non-English language background are provided necessary services.

    The District ensures that students are provided the appropriate educational services and parity in programs/services/resources provided to students through a district plan that specifically outlines identification, assessment, services, personnel, and parent involvement. The plan shall describe the process of identification of students who are Limited English Proficient (LEP) and/or English Learners (EL) consistent with state and federal requirements.

    The plan also includes a procedure for ensuring participation by identified students in state mandated assessments and a description of methods used to measure language proficiency and academic achievement, including a description of the instructional model chosen, method of developing Individualized Language Plans, and an assurance of a licensed and endorsed (EL or bilingual) teacher in assessment, instructional planning, parental involvement, parent communication, and program exit criteria.  The plan will be monitored to ensure that portions that fail to meet the needs of LEP and EL students are revised or discontinued.

    Parents or guardians of EL and LEP students shall be notified upon identification and be informed of student’s needs, services available, and annual progress in English and academic achievement.  Parents or guardians shall be communicated with, to the extent practicable, in their native language or a language that they can understand.

    Adopted: 03/26/07
    Reviewed: 09/13/16
    Revised: 04/09/12