FAAA-AP: Open Enrollment

  • Open enrollment applications received from other North Dakota school districts will be acted upon by the West Fargo Public School Board at a regular or special meeting prior to the deadline in law. All applications will be reviewed and acted upon in the same chronological order as they were received by the school districts of residence.

    Criteria for acceptance or rejection shall be based upon the capacity of a program, class, grade level, or school building.

    This district will not deny an application on the basis of previous academic achievement, participation in extra-curricular activities, disabilities, English language proficiency or previous disciplinary proceedings.

    This district will not give or offer to give remuneration or directly or indirectly exert influence upon the student or the student’s family in order to encourage participation in the open enrollment program.

    The business manager or designee will notify the parent or guardian and the resident district of the acceptance or rejection of an application within the notification timeframe in state law.

    The district reserves the right for the superintendent to assign the building and to determine the class schedule for students who are accepted under this policy. He or she will make the determination on placement based on space availability following the registration of current students and students that reside within the boundaries of the school district.

    The district will not be responsible for transportation of resident students who have enrolled in other districts through the open enrollment process or for students from other districts admitted through open enrollment.

    Parents who inquire about open enrollment after the deadline will be informed that the deadline has been missed except when the student, with their parent, has moved from the student's school district of residence to another school district and wishes to enroll in West Fargo Public Schools instead of the district to which the student moved. If the family did indeed move, the open enrollment form can be completed and submitted under the open enrollment waiver option.

    Adopted: 10/11/93

    Reviewed: 05/26/11

    Revised: 02/27/06, 07/12/16