FFK-AP: Suspension and Expulsion

  • A student may be suspended or expelled for insubordination, habitual indolence, disorderly conduct, or any student behavior that is detrimental or disruptive to the educational process. The authority to suspend a student for up to ten days or up to twenty days for a student in an alternative education program in accordance with state law rests with the principal other administrative personnel. “Expulsion” is the dismissal of a pupil from school classes, buildings, and grounds and, except for a violation of the District’s firearm policy, may extend to the termination of the current school year.

    The school board has delegated the process of conducting expulsion hearings to the superintendent of schools. The superintendent of schools will notify the board president  of  all  instances  in  which  the  superintendent  of  schools  is  considering expulsion.  Together, the superintendent of schools and the board president may agree to have an expulsion hearing conducted by the school board. When the hearing officer is someone other than the West Fargo School Board, the student may seek a review of the hearing officer’s expulsion decision by the Board based on the record of the hearing.

    Students with disabilities will be suspended or expelled in accordance with state and federal laws.

    Adopted: 07/08/91


    Revised: 03/08/93, 05/22/95

    10/26/98, 10/23/00

    01/26/09, 06/27/17