Biweekly District Data

  • West Fargo Public Schools is compiling and sharing data every Tuesday that school is in session. The data compiled includes:

    • The number of active positive cases for students and staff. 
      • This number reflects the number of students and staff that are currently offsite while they complete their required isolation for being a positive case. Students and staff are no longer counted as active positive cases once they have completed their isolation and moved onto their required masking.  
      • This number is current as of the date included in the green header of the data table. 
    • The percentage of active positive cases for students and staff per building.  
      • This number reflects the percentage of each school's student enrollment and staff count that are currently offsite while they complete their required isolation for being a positive case. 
      • This number is current as of the date included in the green header of the data table. 
    • Cumulative case data for students and staff since the first day of school (August 26, 2021). 
    • The number of BinaxNOW rapid tests administered across the district, and how many of those tests administered were positive. 
      • Data sets are given for both the last five school days (Tuesday morning through Monday evening each week) and cumulative since the first day of school (August 26, 2021). This data is only updated on Tuesdays. 
      • The positive results included in the BinaxNOW section of the COVID data webpage are also included in the active positive case counts section if they are WFPS students or staff. Family members of our students and staff are also eligible to be tested at our clinic-style testing events. 
    • A list of groups currently implementing additional mitigation strategies. 

    Note: The number included as each building's staff count is inclusive of all staff assigned to that site: administration, office staff, teachers, other professional staff members, paraprofessionals, behavior technicians, custodians, food service workers, etc. 

Active Positives: 05/26/22 @ 3:35PM (FINAL UPDATE FOR 2021-22)

  • West Fargo Public Schools acknowledges that the accuracy of the above-reported active positive case data may not always be at 100%. All district staff that are engaged in the collection and reporting of COVID cases are working diligently to ensure timely and accurate numbers are shared, but delays may occur due to the number of cases in the queue at any given time. Thank you for your understanding. 

Onsite BinaxNOW Rapid Tests

Groups at Threshold 2 or 3

  • The below is a list of groups (classrooms, teams, or full schools) currently implementing additional mitigation strategies from threshold two or three (contact tracing, masking, temporary distance learning/quarantine/testing regimen) per the COVID-19 metrics and decision-making thresholds document adopted by the School Board. 


    Since the thresholds were adopted on September 8, 2021, they have been implemented for 116 unique groups (classrooms, teams, or full schools). 

Last Modified on May 26, 2022