Application & Rental Contract

  • Clients that are directly associated with or sponsored by the school district are exempt from the stated fee structure. Examples of such clients include the School Board, district administration, school-based student activities (athletics, fine arts, intramurals, clubs, groups, etc.), professional education associations, PTA/PTO, Packer Backers, and Mustang Boosters.

    The use of Hulbert Aquatic Center and its associated spaces shall not result in additional costs to the district.

  • Application & Rental Contract Specifications


  • Large event rentals (LERs) are available for large-scale or multiple day events and have the option to rent the competition pool, lesson pool, locker rooms, meet management room, and the mezzanine.

  • Large Event Rental Specifications

  • Additional Large Event Rental Procedures

  • Event Pepsi Order Form

Respectful Use of Space

  • As indicated in West Fargo Public Schools “Use of District Facilities for other than School Purposes – Guideline 9,” clients are expected to conduct activities and use the space(s) in a respectful and orderly manner. It is expected that all clients will show respect to the building, staff, equipment, and each other when utilizing the space for their contractual period.

  • Specific examples of the expectations that need to be followed include, but are not limited to:

Consequences & Violations

  • Upon notification of a client’s misuse of space (including those mentioned above), the Aquatics Department will contact the client in question to discuss the issue. One written warning will be given for the first infraction; any subsequent infractions will result in the loss of space for the remainder of the contractual period. As indicated in West Fargo Public Schools “Use of District Facilities for other than School Purposes – Guideline 4,” a client who violates the terms of the rental contract can also be denied future privileges at the discretion of the Aquatics Department.

Administrative and Contract Fee Structure

  • Any cancellation following the submission of a signed contract will result in the assessment of a cancellation fee to be paid by the client.

    Requested changes to a contract will be reviewed and acted upon by the staff. Any agreed-upon changes to an already signed contract will result in an administrative fee.

    Deviation from a signed contract or extension of the event outside of contract time will result in an additional free.

  • Cancellation - More than Seven Days Prior to Event

  • Cancellation - Within Seven Days of Event

  • Contract Alterations Fee

  • LER Contract Alterations Fee

  • Contract Deviation Fee

  • LER Contract Deviation Fee