ABCAA-AP: Licensing Guidelines

  • West Fargo Public Schools uses a licensing program to protect the trademarked names and logos of its facilities to ensure that the names and logos of the facilities are used consistently and in an appropriate manner. The licensing program is a means to not only protect the trademarked names and logos that are the property of the district, but also the brand and image of West Fargo Public Schools as a whole.

    Any vendor who wishes to produce merchandise using a facility name and/or logo must be an authorized, licensed vendor. Vendors who participate in the licensing program are required to pay royalty fees for the use of district facility names and logos.

    The use of unlicensed vendors to produce merchandise with West Fargo Public Schools’ marks is not permitted. Vendors found producing merchandise without a valid licensing agreement from the district’s licensing program will be prohibited from further participation in the licensing program and will be required to pay unreported royalty fees.

    The district’s licensing representative administers the program using the guidelines that have been established by West Fargo Public Schools, as indicated in the district’s brand style guide. 
    The district’s licensing representative approves or denies artwork submitted by the authorized vendor for use in producing merchandise. 

    1. Under no circumstances is artwork approved that does not use at least one of the trademarked logos or verbiage of West Fargo Public Schools.
    2. The creation of new logos representing West Fargo Public Schools or any district building, department, program, team, organization, etc. is strictly prohibited. District-affiliated groups wishing to create an original logo shall contact the Public Relations Department.
    3. Current logos are not to be altered but can be used in conjunction with unique artwork.
    4. Designs approved by the district’s licensing representative and using the marks of West Fargo Public Schools are forwarded to the Public Relations Department for ownership and management.
    5. Any questions concerning graphic designs using the registered West Fargo Public Schools’ marks may be forwarded to the Public Relations Department.

    The decision to use or deny any new design is made by the associated principal, activities director (if applicable), Public Relations Department, and the district’s licensing representative. 
    Use of all district logos shall comply with the indicated color codes, sizing constraints, and other parameters established within the district’s brand style guide.

    The only merchandise exempt from royalty fees are team game uniforms used during a competitive event and, in some instances, practice uniforms, class rings, and graduation items. Competitive merchandise must be purchased under the parameters set forth in the district’s purchasing contracts for Sheyenne High School, Horace High School, and West Fargo High School. Vendors must submit royalty fees for all merchandise sold regardless of who the merchandise is sold to, with the exception of game uniforms. Any questions should be directed to the district’s licensing representative.

    Adopted: 12/23/19


    Revised: 12/14/21