Student Parking & Personal Means of Transportation

  • Middle school students are not allowed to drive or park on school property. In addition to standard motor vehicles, this prohibition applies to all types of off-road motorized vehicles, including but not limited to ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles. Skateboards, hoverboards, rollerblades, and any scooter-like devices are not allowed on school property.

    In the event a high school student is attending class at a middle school campus, the student is allowed to drive their standard motor vehicle to school, provided they have a valid driver's license, and park in the designated student parking spots.

IE-AP: Transportation Services

  • This policy serves to govern how West Fargo Public Schools will provide bus transportation services to students. Special education students who qualify for busing are subject to the bus guidelines stated within the Special Education Department’s policies and procedures.


    The Director of Transportation is responsible for the establishment of routes and schedules. Buses travel only on routes considered passable by the driver and the Director of Transportation. Routes may be altered by administration as road conditions, weather conditions, or similar circumstances dictate.

    The Transportation Department offers busing services to students who live more than 0.9 miles of a mile from their attendance school. Distance is calculated from the residence's driveway to the school property line. The Transportation Department's mapping software is the official measuring tool for determining bus zone boundaries. The Director of Transportation and the superintendent determine hazards which would alter bus zone boundaries.


    Bus stops shall be located so all bus students have less than, or equal to, a 0.4 mile walk from their home to the bus stop. The Transportation Department's mapping software is the official measuring tool for determining those ranges.

    Parents/guardians are responsible to ensure their children get to and from bus stops safely. In cases of long rural driveways where bus access is limited, parents/guardians are responsible for meeting the bus at the appropriate location.

    Parents/guardians who feel there are hazards between their home and the bus stop should submit a request to the Director of Transportation; the Director of Transportation and the superintendent make decisions on any such requests.

    All students are expected to board and exit at their designated bus stop. The Transportation Department reserves the right to add, change, or remove bus stop locations and times.


    Students are provided bus services within their school's attendance area only. The Transportation Department only transports a student to another school in the event the student has been forced to transfer schools; the service is offered as long as the forced transfer remains in effect.


    Students are expected to be at their designated bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled department time. Official time is kept at the Transportation Department and may be accessed by calling (701) 356-2120.


    The Transportation Department is required to keep the number of riders equal to, and preferably less than, the stated capacity of the school bus. The Transportation Department attempts to keep secondary counts at, or below, two thirds of the stated capacity of the school bus.


    Students are not allowed to bring guests on to the school bus unless:

    1. Prior approval was granted by the Transportation Department and the student's school by 12:00PM on the day of the request.
    2. The guest has bus riding privileges.
    3. The guest is a student of West Fargo Public Schools.
    4. The bus has available capacity.

    Multiple guests for birthday parties and sleepovers are not permitted.

    Parent/Guardians are not allowed to ride on the school bus unless prior approval is granted by the Director of Transportation and the superintendent.


    Students tardy to school are excused if the delay is the result of a bus service problem or if school administration determines there is an excusable reason for the tardy.


    Students are not allowed to bring any articles on the bus that the Transportation Department staff consider to be dangerous or that may cause injury. Items include, but are not limited to: baseball hats, golf clubs, rollerblades, skateboards, and umbrellas.

    Food, drinks, and cell phones must be stored at all times. Band instruments may travel on the bus as long as there is room to store them in a seat without displacing another student.

    The Transportation Department is not responsible for items lost on the bus.


    All bus riders are expected to behave in a respectful and courteous manner. Bus riders must maintain a low voice and remain in their seats at all times. The drivers, along with school administrators, are charged with the responsibility of maintaining discipline and order on the buses. The school district maintains a standardized discipline policy for all students who ride regular education buses.


    Parents/Guardians are responsible for ensuring bus riders are dressed appropriately for the bus stop and ride. For example, in the winter months, coats, caps, mittens, and boots should be worn.


    The Transportation Department assigns all eligible students transportation services to their home addresses. A home address is considered the residential address on file in PowerSchool. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure children know the bus schedule for transportation to addresses other than their home address; this option is allowable as long as there is capacity available on the bus. The Transportation Department assists families in locating the bus schedule information but is not responsible for tracking their bus schedules. The Transportation Department reroutes or makes adjustments to accommodate alternative bus locations.


    Open enrolled students and in-district transfers may utilize transportation services and current bus stop locations as long as the bus has available capacity. The Transportation Department does not alter or make route adjustments to accommodate open enrolled and in-district transfer students.

    Adopted: 01/22/79

    Reviewed: 22/22/22

    Revised: 11/11/80