• Grade Level Acceleration & Retention
  • Report Cards & Assessment
  • School Supplies
  • Use of Animals in District Schools & Curricular Programs


  • A classroom teacher may assign homework to be completed outside of class time as an extension of class work.

    Homework must:

    • Review, reinforce, or extend classroom learning by providing practice and application of knowledge gained
    • Teach students responsibility and organizational skills
    • Promote wise and orderly use of time
    • Promote opportunities for enrichment activities
    • Be communicated to students in a timely manner to reduce last-minute overloads of work

    Each student is expected to use the assignment record portion of their assignment book, which is designed to be reviewed by parents/guardians each day.

    Long-term projects are common and are assigned to be completed over several days, not the evening before the deadline.

    Parents/guardians are encouraged to be available and supportive of their student and their work, particularly when help is needed.

    When available, students are encouraged to locate a well-lit, quiet place to complete homework assignments free from distractions. Families are encouraged to help students access, create, and/or locate such locations.

    Parents/guardians are welcome to contact teachers with questions or concerns regarding homework.

President's Award for Educational Excellence

  • The President's Award for Educational Excellence was established to encourage students to achieve high academic standards by recognizing and rewarding them for educational excellence. Eighth grade students eligible for this award must have earned all threes in grades six, seven, and the first semester of grade eight. They must also meet the 75th percentile or higher in math or reading on the district's assessment (STAR).

Materials Replacement Responsibilities

  • Educational materials are assigned to students and are often taken off campus for additional practice and/or project completion at home. When such items are lost or damaged, West Fargo Public Schools may assess a replacement cost at the descretion of the teacher or administration. Common replacement costs include:

    • Textbooks: $60
    • Workbooks: $20
    • Books: $10
    • Math Tools: $5
    • Technology: as outlined in 1:1 device agreement

Educating Special Populations

  • Education of English Learners
  • Education of Homeless Students
  • Education of Migrant Students
  • Education of Pregnant & Parenting Students
  • Education of Special Education Students

FFF-AP: Field and Other School Sponsored Trips

  • To the extent financially feasible, the District sanctions field trips and trips for school-sponsored activities that are of educational value and are associated with curricular or extracurricular programming offered by the District. 

    All requests for in-state travel shall be submitted to the building principal or activities director for action, and a copy of that decision will be shared with the appropriate assistant superintendent at least three weeks prior to the travel dates. 

    Requests for overnight trips, or any trip outside of the state of North Dakota (excluding trips for extracurricular activities scheduled as part of the sanctioned season), shall be submitted to the superintendent or designee for action at least three weeks prior to the travel dates. A copy of that decision will be shared with the appropriate building principal or activities director. 

    Field trips that are not associated with curricular or extracurricular programming offered by the District will be subject to scrutiny at the district level, especially when travel dates are requested in the last four weeks of school. 


    Students may be required to pay admissions fees associated with a field and/or school-sponsored trips.  These fees may be waived in cases of hardship or, when the trip is part of the curriculum, students may be given an alternative assignment. Requests to waive fees shall be made in accordance with the student fees policy. The superintendent may develop additional regulations related to costs and payment for field and school-sponsored trips.

    Fundraising for school-sponsored and curricular field trips shall be handled in accordance with the district’s policy on this matter.


    Written parental approval shall be obtained prior to each field and school-sponsored trip. Permission slips shall be retained in the student’s educational record for at least one calendar year.

    Students shall be subject to all applicable district policies and regulations while on field and/or school-sponsored trips. The superintendent shall develop criteria for participation in field/school-sponsored trips and develop school trip safety and disciplinary procedures.  These procedures shall specifically address trips taken outside the District.  Parents and students shall be made aware of these procedures prior to each trip.


    The West Fargo School District will not authorize or endorse senior trips that are non-school sponsored and/or non-curricular in nature.

    Adopted: 07/11/2016