ACDA-AP: Use of West Fargo Public Schools' Computer Network

  • West Fargo Public Schools recognizes the need for its staff and students to have access to a global computer network. Part of the district’s responsibility in preparing students for the 21st century is to provide them access to the tools they will be using as adults. We believe that responsible use of this global computer network is important.

    Accordingly, West Fargo Public Schools shall operate a computer network to enhance and expand its educational mission. The West Fargo Public Schools computer network is defined as an information system owned by the district, which provides access to other external networks. The district is responsible to endorse and to regulate access to external network resources, but is not responsible for the regulation of content on external network resources.

    An orientation session on appropriate use of the West Fargo School District Computer Network shall be provided for staff and students prior to the issuance of a network account. The use of this network shall be consistent with the district’s educational mission, district policy, state laws, and federal laws.

    Administration shall develop procedures to ensure appropriate use of West Fargo Public Schools' computer network.

    Adopted: 03/25/96

    Reviewed: 04/16/10

    Revised: 11/24/15