Morning & Afternoon Procedures

  • Should any cars purposely violate safety rules, the vehicle’s license plate number will be given to the school resource officer.

    When dropping off students at the beginning of the day, pull into the drop off loop and pull all the way forward to allow other vehicles to enter behind you. Students should exit from the vehicle and walk toward the main entrance, abiding by any crosswalk procedures along the way. Drivers utilizing the drop-off loop are not to park and exit the vehicle; the loop is intended for temporary occupancy only; drivers must remain in their vehicle at all times.

    All vehicles must stay to the right in the drop-off loop to allow for appropriate traffic flow. Do not double-park in the loop. Utilize the indicated exit.

    If you wish to enter the building, you must park your vehicle in a parking space in the parking lot.

    When picking up students at the end of the day, please pull into a space in the parking lot and wait for your child to exit the building and come to you. You may also pull into the loop and pull all the way forward to allow other cars in behind you and wait in your vehicle for your child to arrive.

    Buses drop off and pick up students in the bus loop; this loop is not for parking or student drop off.

    Childcare vans may use the bus loop behind the buses. Once district buses exit the loop, all childcare vans may pull forward for childcare pickup.

    Students who walk to school should always walk on the sidewalks when possible. Students should utilize the student entrance.

    Students who ride bicycles to school may park them and lock them in the provided bike racks.