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  • Students are encouraged to connect with their classroom teacher, as they are the designated contacts to support the learning activities of the team. Students can connect with teachers through Schoology or Seesaw.

    Additionally, students in grades six through twelve can connect directly with the technicians virtually using Schoology messaging features. Students can send a detailed message of their issues to their designated school's technician team by simply entering the following name into the To: field of the Schoology message.

    • LMS Student Help Desk (Liberty)
    • CMS Student Help Desk (Cheney)
    • WFHS Student Help Desk (West Fargo High)
    • SHS Student Help Desk (Sheyenne High)
    • HMS Student Help Desk (Heritage)

    Additional support can also be received by calling (701) 499-1040 on days that school is in session.

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