• If your student will be absent, please contact your home school to report an absence.

    Synchronous attendance is taken each day by the teacher when the schedule indicates students are in synchronous learning. Teachers will record these meetings to be viewed later if students are unable to attend online through Microsoft Teams at the designated time.

    Asynchronous attendance is taken once a week and recorded on Wednesdays. Attendance is based on the student making a “reasonable” attempt to complete the off-site assigned work; what is determined a “reasonable” attempt will be at the professional discretion of the teacher.



    Online learning that is scheduled on a particular day at a particular and time, live interaction with an instructor. Our primary tool is TEAMS.


    Online learning that is NOT scheduled with capability for remote communication and assessment. Our primary tools are Schoology, Seesaw, and email.

Technology Support

  • technology support

    Our Technology Department has a database of support documentation to assist in the use of district-issued devices, apps, and learning management systems.

    Additional support can also be received by calling (701) 499-1040.


  • An outline of what to expect each week for asynchronous work is shown in the document below. When the schedule says “Whole Group” the entire class will be scheduled to be online live (synchronous) with the teacher. Each week, your child will engage in one small group for math, one for writing, and two for reading. You will see one to three groups listed on the schedule, however your child will only be invited for their specific time (synchronous). This smaller group time allows our classroom teachers to tailor the instruction to the needs of the students. You will also see a great deal of “flexible” (asynchronous) time when your student is not in a particular small group, breaks between whole groups, etc. when your student can work on the assignments and activities they have been provided.

    In addition to a grade level teacher, students will have a teacher for art, music, PE and health.

Elementary Schedule

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Counseling Services


    School counselors will continue to provide all students with social and emotional lessons, continue counseling and advising students, and serve as a resource to staff in managing anxiety and stress. All students in West Fargo Public Schools will continue to receive access to school counseling services within the guidelines set forth by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA).

    In addition, our counselors will be providing 1:1 virtual counseling with students through an online platform. Our students who had been receiving regular counseling services individually or in small groups will be contacted by their counselor to set up regular opportunities to connect through an online platform. This service will also be available to any other student who may have the need to receive academic, career, or social emotional supports.

    Lastly, counselors are developing strategies and sharing resources to maintain mental wellness for parents, staff, and students. These strategies are aligned with needs and related to coping during periods of heightened stress.

    Community Services

    The counseling team has developed a protocol for accessing emergency and ongoing mental health services through community resources. The West Fargo counseling team will work to continue services for our most at-risk students through ongoing community relationships. West Fargo middle and high school students have had access to on-site clinical counseling services with a community partner. The counseling and social worker teams are working to reestablish those services through telehealth. The telehealth program requires an active consent process that also explains requirements and recommendations for virtual therapy.

    Informed Consent/Ethics

    In order to mitigate risks in virtual school counseling and maintain the ACSA ethical standards, the West Fargo counseling team is developing notifications and protocols to inform parents and guardians. Counselors have created an informed consent document that will provide all families and students with information about confidentiality, the limits of confidentiality, and the risks and benefits of virtual counseling.


    Each school has a counseling page on their website. This page contains a photo of your student's counselor and their email address. Find this page in the PROGRAMS dropdown.

Social Work Programming


    West Fargo Public Schools' social workers provide coordination and supports to students and their families. Our social workers are an advocate for the student and their family and work collaboratively as a team with school personnel, community professionals, and social service agencies. Each day, their goal is to connect resources and provide support to families and staff through evidence-based strategies for student success. Some of the critical activities that our social workers provide in our district are: 

    • Provide resources to educational teams to address student mental health, behavioral, academic, or social concerns
    • Provide documentation and maintain appropriate records for student referrals, caseloads, and contact logs
    • Provide timely care and support to families as needed in the home, over the phone, and within the community
    • Coordinate supportive services to students during and after crisis situations, which may arise outside normal office hours
    • Coordinate and determine potential transportation opportunities for students to services and activities as available
    • Provide referrals and community resources to students and families as needed
    • Provide direct support to students in the form of one to one and small group sessions for the purpose of mentoring, de-escalation, linking to services, relationship building, etc.

    Each school has a social work page on their website. This page contains a directory of all district social workers, their photo, office phone number, and email address. Find this page in the PROGRAMS dropdown.