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    Each student attends school in the attendance area within the school district as determined by their address. Exceptions requested by parents, such as a request for admittance to Community High School and the Early Childhood Center, may be granted after consultation between the parents of the student and the appropriate administrative staff. Please check your address on our district map to determine your attendance area. For assistance determining your school, call (701) 499-1067.

    Registration forms with Community High School or Early Childhood Center selected will be reviewed for consideration into the program. For additional information, or to inquire about the registration process for Community High School, please contact (701) 356-2008. For additional information, or to inquire about the registration process for the Early Childhood Center, please contact (701) 356-2020.

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District Registration Process


    The enrollment process at West Fargo Public Schools is done in two phases: preregistration and fall registration. The initial preregistration form must be completed once for each new student enrolling in the district. Once submitted, the preregistration form is reviewed within five business days and the district registrar then sends instructions via email to complete the registration process.

    To begin the enrollment process, please check your address on our district map to determine which school your child will attend for this school year. Please note that students in K – 5, 6 – 8, and 9 – 12 attend different schools.

    Once you have determined your neighborhood school, please complete the online preregistration form below that best applies to your situation (new student in kindergarten or new student in grades 1 - 12).

Additional Information


    Prior to the first day of school, each registered child should provide a digital copy of a current immunization record, proof of identity (birth certificate, visa, I-94, or other government-issued ID, per North Dakota Century Code 12-60-26), and proof of residency. Paper copies can be scanned at your neighborhood school.


    According to North Dakota Century Code CHAPTER 15.1-22 KINDERGARTEN: "A school district may not enroll a child who is not five years old before August first of the year of enrollment. Please ensure any child you are registering for kindergarten meets this date requirement."

    Early Entrance

    North Dakota Century Code requires that students entering kindergarten in the fall must be five years of age on or before July 31. It is the intent of West Fargo Public Schools to admit children into kindergarten who do not meet the August 1 age requirement, but do meet the December 1 age requirement and who successfully pass West Fargo Public Schools early entrance evaluation criteria (NDCC 15.1-06.01). Please contact your resident elementary school to request additional information related to early entrance procedures and timelines. The application form and questionnaire are due no later than April 15.


    North Dakota Century Code 33-06-05-01 requires any child admitted to school be required to receive the immunizations according to the recommended schedule set forth by the state department of health. Any child not adhering to the recommended schedule must provide proof of immunization or a certificate of immunization within 30 days of enrollment or be excluded from school or an early childhood facility.


    If you know of a child between the ages of 0 - 21 that lives in the West Fargo School District, who may have a disability and who is receiving no special services, please contact our Special Education Department at (701) 356-2003. 

Preregister today!

  • Kindergarten Register as a new student in kindergarten
  • New Register as a new student in grades PreK & 1 - 12
  • Note: Google Chrome is the recommended browser for the preregistration process.


  • If you have questions about the registration process, please contact our district registrar at (701) 499-1067.

You've completed the preregistration phase, so now what?

  • Once submitted, the preregistration form is reviewed within five business days and the district registrar sends instructions via email to complete the registration process. Please check your email regularly following the submission of your preregistration form. The email instructions will instruct you to complete the final phase of the enrollment process: registration. While preregistration needs to be completed only once in a student's career at West Fargo Public Schools (when enrolling as a kindergarten student or as a new student), the registration phase is completed every year for every student. Registration allows parents/guardians to update emergency contact information, medical records, and permission forms. It also confirms a student's enrollment for the upcoming year, allowing them to be placed in the applicable class(es).

    If you need assistance completing the registration phase, review our instructional video below.