Use of Learning Device at School

  • Devices are intended for use at school each day. In addition to teacher expectations for device use, school messages, announcements, calendars and schedules may be accessed using the device. Students are responsible for bringing their device to all classes, unless specifically instructed not to do so by their teacher. 


    If a student leaves his/her device at home, he/she is responsible for getting the coursework completed as if he/she had his/her device present.


    When a device is damaged and returned to the school for repair, following damage repair or replacement fees, a replacement device will be issued in its place. Devices that are fully functional, but may have cosmetic damage such dents or scratches, may not be immediately repaired. 


    Devices must be brought to school each day adequately charged to work throughout the school day. Students need to charge their devices regularly by plugging them into an electrical wall outlet. Lay the device flat while charging and avoid locations that may create trip hazards. Do not charge the device from a computer port.

    device charging


    • Sound must be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes. Headphones are allowed at the teacher’s discretion.
    • Users are not permitted to use the network for non-academic activities during school hours. Non-academic activities are defined by the teacher but may include activities such as network games, music, social networking or transmission of large audio/video files or serving as a host for such activities.
    • YouTube is accessible for educational purposes – it should not be used for entertainment purposes.
    • The internet is to be used for research and as a means of obtaining needed information. Accessing pornographic materials, vulgarity, gambling, militant/extremist material, etc. is strictly prohibited.
    • Inappropriate use may result in limited use, loss of device, suspension, or other consequences as deemed appropriate by school administration.