Counseling Informed Consent

  • During the current school closure, the WFPS school counselors are available online for your support.  They can provide 1:1 virtual counseling to your child during designated office hours. The purpose of virtual counseling is to provide brief academic and social/emotional supports to your child.  Whether your child needs a simple check-in or in-the moment coping strategies, we are here to help.  For emergency supports please read the Counseling Emergency Services page.  School counselor contact information, office hours, and directions for scheduling a session can be found on each building’s website under “programs” and “counseling.”


    As a rule, school counselors keep information your child shares with us in our sessions confidential, as would be expected in a traditional school counseling setting. An exception to this rule is when a student gives permission for the school counselor to share what has been discussed with a trusted adult, such as a parent/legal guardian, teacher, and/or principal.

    There are, however, important exceptions to this rule that are important for you to understand before your child shares personal information with us in a virtual counseling session. In some situations, we are required by law or by guidelines of our profession to disclose sensitive information.

    Confidentiality cannot be maintained when:

    1. Your child discloses a plan to cause serious harm to themselves.
    2. Your child discloses a plan to cause harm to others.
    3. Your child discloses they are being harmed by someone else.

    Risks of Virtual Counseling Services

    There may be benefits of virtual counseling services, however, there are potential risks as well. These include:

    1. The video connection may not work, or it may stop working during the virtual counseling session.
    2. Due to the nature of the service, we cannot guarantee full confidentiality. We encourage a quiet and private space for your child where they will not be disturbed or interrupted during their virtual counseling session.

    If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact your child’s school counselor.

    Thank you,

    West Fargo Counseling Team