Cognia Visit 2019-2020

  • Every district in the state of North Dakota is required to have an external review every five years by a team consisting of trained educators from across the nation. The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction partners with a group called Cognia to do this continuous improvement work. Cognia does this work in over 35,000 schools in over 80 countries. The goal of our reviews is to help districts improve outcomes for ALL learners.

    On January 13, 2020, we received the results from our November review. There are 31 standards across the domains of Leadership, Learning, and Resources. Each standard is ranked on a four-point scale; achieving a three is the goal, while receiving a four shows exceptional effort. West Fargo Public Schools received the highest ranking of four on each domain! Only one of the 31 standards ranked a three or improving.

     In addition to ranking each standard, the external team uses the data collected to create an Index of Education Quality® (IEQ) score. The IEQ is comprised of the ratings from the three domains and are reported on a scale of 100 to 400. An IEQ of 300 and above indicates the institution is reaching an “Impact” level and is engaged in practices that are sustained over time and are becoming engrained in the culture of the institution. WFPS scored a 380, well above the average in our network, but more importantly, we improved our previous IEQ by more than 100 points.