Profile of a Graduate Dispositions

  • Collaboration Learners work together, resolving controversy and conflict through respectful negotiation
  • Communication Learners connect and share ideas, and select an appropriate format to express thoughts and ideas with integrity and appropriate digital citizenship.
  • Compassion Learners demonstrate their understanding of the complexities of cultures and global issues and see viewpoints beyond their own in order to positively impact the world around them.
  • Creativity Learners take risks to develop and revise ideas.
  • Critical Thinking Learners systemically go beyond knowledge reproduction to reason, organize, summarize, interpret, analyze, and synthesize information in ways that generates new understanding.
  • Reflection Learners take ownership in their learning by being empowered to take multiple pathways to demonstrate understanding and mastery.
  • Resilience Learners persist on the path toward physical and mental wellness despite impediments and challenges by defining and developing solutions to existing or future problems.
  • Responsibility Learners actively engage in their learning and demonstrate responsibility, organization, and perseverance.

Levels of Implementation