High School Awards

  • Only varsity letters are presented to students. Participants in activities in district-sponsored activities are eligible to receive varsity letters. The head coach/director in each activity determines the criteria used in determining how a letter is earned.

    Seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students can earn a varsity letter if they are a member of a varsity team and meet the criteria established to earn a varsity letter. Participation certificates are given to students who participate but do not letter (at the coach's/director's discretion).

    Fine Arts Letter
    The fine arts letter may be earned by students who participate in band, choir, debate, drama, orchestra, publications, speech, and student congress. Students will receive a letter patch for the first year letter award; additional pins and bars may be awarded for subsequent years and honors (at the coach's/director's discretion).

    Athletic Letter
    An athletic letter patch will be awarded to students satisfying the letter criteria established by each program coach/director. General requirements for earning an athletic letter may include:

    • acceptable academic record
    • good training practices and faithful attendance
    • not in violation of the drug and alcohol rules established by NDHSAA and WFPS
    • recommended by the coach
    • finish the season in good standing (exception for injuries)

    Varsity Letter Awards

    • First year: certificate and letter patch
    • Second year: certificate
    • Third year and beyond: awards to be determined by administration at each school

    Additional Awards
    Special individual and/or team awards may be presented to students in varsity activities. The awards and criteria for them will be established and maintained by administration, coaches, and staff at each school.