Horace High School

  • Horace High School hopes to prepare students to exhibit global and community awareness, communication and technological literacy, the ability to access and evaluate information, an appreciation of the humanities, respect for the individual, and self-knowledge. The ultimate purpose of all education is to make the students their own teachers. These are accomplished through a balance of excellent broad-based academic, vocational, co-curricular programs that in themselves demonstrate accountability and flexibility necessary to meet the demands of today's world.


    Horace High School opened for the 2021-22 school year. The building shares a 92.8-acre site in northern Horace with Heritage Middle School and will have a preferred capacity of 1,080 and a maximum capacity of 1,200. The campus site is large enough that it could be expanded upon, if needed in the future, to 1,550 students.

    Horace High School is home to the Horace Hawks.

    The building’s principals have included: Pam Cronin (2020 – present).

Administrative Staff


    Dr. Pam Cronin


    Dr. Aimee Volk


    Mr. Aaron La Deaux


    Ms. Autumn Gossett 

    Mrs. Tanya Leick

    Ms. Taylor Schaible