Snow Removal Procedures

  • A combination of services from groundskeepers, custodians, and snow removal contractors allow for the district to remain accessible in the event of snowy conditions. When possible, snow is removed from building entrances by 7:00AM when school is in session.

    Internal operations for snow removal are completed by staff of the Buildings & Grounds Department, including a coordinator, six groundskeepers, and assistance from building custodians. Large-scale operations are completed by the district snow removal contractors.


    Snow removal bids are done by the district on a three-year rotation and approved by the School Board. With the exception of South Elementary School, all district facilities are assigned to a contractor through the bid process.

    South Elementary School was not included in any contractor’s bid and is thus maintained by the Buildings & Grounds Department.


    The Buildings & Grounds Department utilizes tractors with brooms to clear sidewalks and trucks to sand district parking lots. No snow removal contractors are typically involved with this amount of snow, though the district’s Grounds Services & Athletic Fields Coordinator can request their services at his discretion.


    The services of our snow removal contractors are triggered at two inches of snow accumulation; wind and total accumulation can induce earlier participation at the discretion of the Grounds Services & Athletic Fields Coordinator. When needed, the contractors begin their average day at WFPS around 3:00AM and utilize their crew to remove snow at their assigned schools.

    The Grounds Services & Athletic Fields Coordinator monitors the weather the day prior to anticipated snowfall and notifies department staff around 10:00PM with the following day’s operational plan.

    Operations for our district’s groundskeepers begins by 4:00AM, with five tractors with brooms being dispersed throughout the district to sweep sidewalks. Each employee has a route that is based on efficiency. Their initial job is to remove snow from the main sidewalks for staff, student, and visitor entrances by the start of the school day. Two additional staff members are out salting and sanding.

    When school begins, work begins to clear snow from emergency exits and tractors with brooms transition to clearing the snow on the outer sidewalks of the schools, with a goal of all sidewalks being cleared by 12:00PM.

    If snow continues to fall, the tractors with brooms return after lunch and the main sidewalks from the morning routine are cleared again prior to the end of the workday. Three members of the district’s grounds crew will remain on staff throughout early evening to ensure building accessibility for those schools with an afterschool YMCA program. When the programs end at 6:00PM, the grounds crew leaves for the night.


    The same process applies as when accumulation is between one and four inches of snow, with the addition of blower trucks being used to relocate snow to school yards and tractors with brooms doing a final sweep of the sidewalks.

    Over the course of the following workdays, the Buildings & Grounds Department will begin to remove snow around fire hydrants and dumpsters


    Damage to district property from the removal of snow is investigated to determine if contractors or district staff are responsible; this is done with the use of security camera footage. Temporary repairs may be needed to structure and/or grounds if weather does not allow for an immediate and permanent fix.