Aquatic Dress Code

  • Hulbert Aquatic Center will enforce the following dress code in the facility.

    - Clothing with offensive language, designs, or pictures is not acceptable. 

    - Appropriate swimwear is required for all swimmers. 

    - All men's swimsuits must have a liner. Gym shorts are not appropriate. 

    - Thongs and other swim attire that is overly revealing or transparent are strictly prohibited. 

    - Undergarments, such as compression shorts and sports bras, are not appropriate swimwear. 

    - All none potty-trained children are required to wear a swim diaper. 

Accepted Attire

  • - Competitive Suites 

    - Swim Trucks

    - Men's Briefs

    - Rash Guards

    - One-Piece Women's Suites 

    - Two-Piece Women's Suites 

    - Tankinis 

    - Burkinis

Prohibited Fabrics

  • - Cotton 

    - Denim (jeans) 

    - Leather 

    - Wool 

    - Corduroy 

    - Undergarments 

    - Cloth Diapers 

    - Sports Bras