Qualification for GATE

  • We are NOT going to dismiss students currently in grades 4-5 from the program who were identified using standardized test scores, etc.

    We utilize the CogAT, which is a cognitive abilities test to screen all of our first-grade students in the spring, as well as NEW students in grades 2-5 in the fall.

    We do need to provide small group settings when that is noted on a student’s IEP for district-wide screeners and assessments. Please connect with special education teachers.

    We complete the full assessment with only the students who met the criteria on the screener (118 or higher), along with students in a “gray area” (110-117) or those requested by parents or teachers.

    Students who are not identified in second-grade may be reassessed the following year if requested by the parent or teacher.

    The cut-score that we identified on the CogAt is two standard deviations above the norm (118) meaning that all of the students in GATE will be in the above average or very high range.

    Students in grades K & 1 will be pulled for enrichment and select GATE sessions based on test scores above the 95th percentile on FAST and STAR, as well as parent and teacher recommendations.

    Students will receive a simple notice from the GATE teacher introducing themselves and indicating that the child is participating in some enrichment activities.

    Any students in K-1 who have completed cognitive assessments like the CogAt or WISC IV that speak to their aptitude in the gifted range will of course receive FULL gifted services in qualifying areas.