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Ms. Robin Nein

Prior to becoming a school counselor in 2018, I was a teacher for 17 years. I am excited to work with all of the students, staff, and parents at Eastwood Elementary School. Feel free to contact me if you have concerns about your student or need assistance in finding resources for your family.

Classroom Guidance

  • September: Listening & Learning Skills

    October: Empathy & Compassion

    November: Bullying & Personal Safety







The Counselor Corner

  • Mental Health Tip: Anxiety in Kids

    Posted by Robin Nein on 10/15/2018 3:00:00 PM

    Anxiety is showing nervousness, fear, or extreme worry toward something. Children can feel anxious about specific things, events, or people; and some children worry about everything. Even separation from a family member can create anxiety in some children. Most kids do not recognize they are feeling anxious, but anxiety can appear in behavior such as irritability, insomnia, anger, disruptive actions, and defiant responses. Tips to help children cope with anxiety:

    • Limit Media Time: Excessive media/screen time increases the brain's response to anxiety because of the constant stimulation. Violent content also increases brain stimulation.
    • Adequate Sleep: Children need 9 - 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.
    • Routine: Provide children with a structured daily routine. When routines need to change, provide children with a calm explanation.
    • Help children learn to take deep breathes, exercise, and eat healthy foods.
    • Help children understand that mistakes happen, that things will be okay, and mistakes allow us to learn something new.


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  • Parent Tips for Fall

    Posted by Robin Nein on 10/1/2018 8:00:00 AM

    Children with self-control succeed better in school and life. The ability to wait and delay instant gratification are important measures of self-control. Tips to help children develop self control:

    • Teach children that "no" means "no." Set boundaries and keep a calm and firm "no."
    • Limit media/screen time (television, video games, hand-held devices, iPads, computer, etc.).  clipart of computers
    • Model healthy choice to children; teach them to eat sweets in moderations and to choose healthy food to help brains and bodies grow.  clipart of apple
    • Teach children to set realistic goals and model how to take steps to achieve them.
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