Project Summary

  • Horace Elementary School Addition and Renovation

    With continued growth occurring on the south side of the district and additional developments being added, projections show the need for additional classroom space in the Horace attendance area. Horace Elementary School will receive an addition of 10 classrooms and a small renovation of current spaces to allow for it to become a four-section school.  Horace Elementary School is currently a two-section school, meaning there are two classes per grade level. The district’s typical standard is to have four-section elementary schools. While our newer elementary schools are built to accommodate four sections, Horace Elementary School does not have that capacity. By adding classrooms on the north side of the building, the school will be large enough to hold six grade levels (K-5), each with four sections, at a combined total of 24 general education classrooms. An elementary school of this size will be able to accommodate an enrollment of up to 550 students.  What is currently the Horace Elementary School media center will be renovated to serve as special education classroom space, as a new media center is part of the addition.

    The total projected cost of the classroom addition and renovations is $6.8 million.

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Project Renderings

Horace Elementary School Rendering