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  • Fill the Dome

    What:  Fill the Dome Food Drive (Non-perishable food items only, no glass please)

    When: Tuesday, November 12th-Friday, November 22nd.

    Where: Brooks Harbor Elementary

    Why:    To help others in the community!

    Our school goal is to collect 1,500 pounds of food (last year we collected 1,410 pounds)

    Thank you for your support helping our community!

    What is your Super Power

    Super Hero


    We are Hiring!

    Be a Bobcat!

    Brooks Harbor Elementary is looking to fill a lunch/recess supervisor position.

    • Hours Tuesday and Thursdays 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM.
    • Great for
      • Parents
      • College Students
      • Those interested in working in a school setting

    If you are interested or know of anyone interested, please contact: Manix Zepeda at or 701-356-8310.


     Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


    Brooks Harbor Families,

    Our staff has been working hard to make sure your children are arriving and dismissing safely to and from school. Please view the video for a reminder on our arrival and dismissal procedures.

    Thank you!

     "I Wish the Hitting Would Stop"

    In collaboration with the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center of Fargo-Moorhead (RACC), the domestic violence prevention program entitled “I Wish the Hitting Would Stop” will be presented in your child’s 5th grade classroom on October 28th and 30th. This program deals with the issue of domestic violence and how it affects children.  To find out more information about the “I Wish” program before it is presented to your child’s class, please feel free to visit the RACC website.  It can be found at  Specific information regarding the “I Wish the Hitting Would Stop” program can be found at


    Letters with more information as well as a form to sign if you do NOT want your child to participate will be coming home with your student shortly.  Please let Mrs. Anderson, our counselor, know if you have any questions.  She can be contacted at 701-499-9704.

    Champs Winners!



    Kenneth B. (Anderson)

    Emily A. (Goddard)


    1st Grade:

    Kobe C. (Bjur)

    Holden H. (Bjur)

    Lennon L. (Bjur)

    Anthony L. (Bjur)

    Kingston B. (Curry)

    Mark R. (Tostenson)


    2nd Grade:

    Camdyn B. (Hilscher)

    Luke Peter D. (Hilscher)

    Aiden H. (Hilscher)

    Lillian (McCoy)

    Logan J. (Melling)


    3rd Grade:

    Alexis M. (Laudal)


    4th Grade:

    Cody J. (Tieman)



    These students will be able to pick from the following options:


    Bingo Options:

    -Bobcat Prize

    -Hat Day Pass

    -Game with Mr.Z (8:20-8:40) Mrs.Petersen (9:20-9:40) Mrs. Anderson (2:00-2:20) in the Bobcat Room




    Brooks Harbor Featured Artists 

    Art 2

    Art 1

    Jordyn,Aries,Aubrey,Ciel,Ziah,Natalee,Kennedy,Quinn,Peyton,Hadlee, Joshua and John 





    Why Regular Attendance Matters              

    Research shows school absences can have a lasting impact on learning. One study on third grade reading level found the following:

    • Only 64 % of third grade students who missed nine days or fewer in both kindergarten and first grade were reading at grade level.
    • Only 43 % of third graders who missed more than nine days both years were reading at grade level.
    • Only 41 % of students who were absent 18 or more days in either kindergarten or first grade could read at grade level. (Chronic Absence)
    • Of the students who missed 18 or more days in consecutive years, only 17 % were reading at grade level. (Chronic Absence)

    All school absences have a negative impact on learning, the effects of which can be particularly hard to overcome for student with pre-existing barriers to learning. Students with disabilities, English Learners, students from low income families, students in foster care, homeless students and students who have experienced trauma are all likely to have incurred gaps in their learning. Absences from school, excused and unexcused, only add to these losses. Among middle and high school pupils, poor attendance is one of the key early warning signs that a student is becoming disengaged from school and is at high risk for dropping out. One study found that a student who is chronically absent any year between eighth and 12th grade is 7.4 times more likely to drop out of school. Unfortunately, many schools, including WFPS schools don’t know if they have a problem with chronic absenteeism. Schools typically focus on Average Daily Attendance (ADA) figures and track truancy when children miss school due to unexcused absences. Both of these responses to absenteeism allow chronic absence to remain hidden. WFPS has average attendance rates over 94%, but absences are not spread equally among the 10,000 students.

    October Kindergarten Students of the Month


    Hudson A., Zion B. and Nora F. 


      October 1st Grade Students of the Month

    Grade 1  

     Choisy G., Kobe C. and Graysen G.


    October 2nd Grade Students of the Month

     Grade 2

    Alanna L., Hadley F. and Arnav M. 


    October 3rd Grade Students of the Month

    3rd Grade  

    Callie L., Kole M. and Andrew B.  


    October 4th Grade Students of the Month

    4th Grade  

     Emina B. and Taylor L.


     October 5th Grade Students of the Month 

    5th Grade  

    Annika K., Oliva K. and Harrison L. 

    CHAMPS in the Lunchroom

    CHAMPS is our schoolwide Positive Behavior Support Plan that is implemented in our common areas of Brooks Harbor including the hallways, lunchroom, recess and also in classrooms.

    CHAMPS Stands for:

    • C-Conversation (voice levels)
    • H-Help (how to receive help when needed example raise your hand, ask 3 before the teacher, etc.
    • A-Activity (what the students task is at the time, for ex. Eating lunch)
    • M-Movement (where the students should be or remain)
    • P- Participation (how the students actively participate in the task)
    • S-Success (when the students follow the above expectations they have success! 😊)

    Our students have 20 min. for lunch and 20 min. for recess each day. With this tight schedule, we want to ensure all students have enough time to eat and finish their food. In order to help with this, once students go through the lunch line, we have them sit down and start eating right away at a level 0 which means voices are off. Once all students are seated and have had 5 or so minutes to start eating, we allow the students to move to a voice level 1 which is a whisper. Students can then still have time to eat, but an opportunity to also visit with their classmates. We do encourage students to eat and finish their food first. After about 5 more minutes, we allow students to move to a voice level 2 which is a conversation voice level. We then start dismissing tables, starting with the students that sat down first so all students get the same amount of time to eat.

    We feel that the lunch routine is getting smoother and smoother as time goes on and students are getting more time to eat now that they are familiar with the routine and procedures. 😊

    Parents please remember to review our pick-up and drop-off procedures and our attendance procedures on a regular basis.

District News & Updates

  • Student Success Forum: Mental Health

    West Fargo Public Schools, Justin’s Break the Silence, and AM 1100 The Flag WZFG are pleased to co-host the second of four forums geared toward sharing information on the hot-button issues impacting our youth today. The keynote for the evening is Jeff Yalden, a renowned speaker highly regarded as North America’s number one teen mental health speaker, consultant, expert witness, and advocate on mental health and suicide. The forum is scheduled for Thursday, December 5 from 7:00PM - 8:30PM at the Dakota Medical Foundation.

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