Parking, Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

  • Student Drop-Off procedures

    To DROP-OFF at the start of the school day, pull into the drop-off loop (on the East side of the school) by the right-side of the curb closest to the building (pulling all the way down to the far end of the loop to allow other cars to enter the loop behind you, and safely have your child exit out of your vehicle and walk to the main entrance doors. Please then, safely pull away into the drive lane of the loop to exit. You are not allowed to park in the drop-off loop and exit your car as it is a 'drop and go' lane. Always look for children walking in this area and drive slowly. Drivers must remain in their vehicle at all times. If you wish to enter the building, you must park your vehicle in a parking space in the lot. All vehicles must stay to the right in the drop-off loop by the curb and please do not double-park in the loop as it causes a safety concern with all the children in the area – follow the car ahead of you! There is only one exit out of the parking lot by following the loop.

     Student Pick-up procedures

    To PICK-UP at end of the school day, please pull into a parking space in the lot and wait for your child to exit the building and come to you (set a plan in advance so your child knows where to find you). You may also pull into the loop all the way to the end to allow other cars in behind you and wait for your child, however, you must remain in your car. Should any cars purposely violate safety rules, speed through the parking lot area, or refuse to work with the supervisor, the license plate number will be turned over to the School Resource Officer.

    Busses pick-up and Drop-off

    Bus drop-off and pick-up is only in the bus loop (Northwest side of building). This is not a drop-off or pick-up area for students, and it is a no parking area. Marked childcare vans may use the bus loop at the beginning and end of the day if there is adequate space and must line up behind all West Fargo School buses. We ask childcare agencies to contact our school office to work with us on making sure you have permission to utilize the bus loop. At the end of the day, once all WFPS buses have exited the bus loop, marked childcare vans will be able to move forward in the loop following each other pulling all the way up and students will be dismissed to your van.

    Walking to school

    Students who walk to school should always walk on the sidewalks, if possible. Students should enter the school through Door 1 (Eastside of school).


    Riding Bike to school

    Students who ride bicycles to school may park them and lock them in the racks provided.


    Scooters & Roller Blades

    If a student arrives to school using a scooter or roller blades they may store them in the bin in the Office.