• READ 180
    READ 180 Next Generation is an intensive reading intervention program for students in Grade 4-12 who are reading below grade level.  Designed to meet the needs of older struggling readers, READ 180 NG provides individualized instruction through teacher-directed lessons, adaptive software, age-appropriate nonfiction and fiction texts, and data-driven differentiation

    System 44 NG
    System 44 NG is a proven, foundational reading program designed to get your most challenged readers in Grades 3-12+ on the path to college and career.  A personalized learning progression with explicit instruction engages students in reading, writing, language, speaking, and listening.

    Corrective Reading
    Corrective Reading focuses on promoting reading accuracy (decoding), fluency, and comprehension skills of students in grades 4–12 who are reading below their grade level. The program contains multiple entry points so students can start at their appropriate skill levels. The decoding strand that teaches vocabulary, structure, and concepts found in “book language”. The comprehension strand that teaches students to write, think, and speak.


    • Deepened instruction in multiplication and division and the connection between the the two
    • Significantly increased focus on word problem solving
    • While still filling in gaps in foundation math - eliminated content that was well below grade level
    • Significantly adjusted instructional presentation of fractions
    • Extended emphasis on Cuisenaire rods using visual models and digital tools
    • Addition of instruction in angles and angle measurement
    • More coherent treatment of probability; couples probability with percent

    Connecting Math Concepts

    Connecting Math Concepts emphasizes key mathematical concepts, “big ideas” that make it easier for students to learn.  The series teaches explicit strategies that all students can learn and apply, strikes a balance between computation and problem solving for better overall comprehension of math, provides the practice needed to achieve procedural mastery and depth of understanding, and helps students make connections among related concepts and across daily instructional activities.

    Advanced Math
    Grade 7 Advanced Math students use Math 8 curriculum.  Grade 8 Advanced Math students use Algebra I curriculum.  

    Nurtured Heart

    The Nurtured Heart approach is a relationship-focused methodology for helping children (and adults) build their Inner Wealth and use their intensity in successful ways. 
    * Stand 1: Absolutely No!  I refuse to energize negative behavior.
    * Stand 2: Absolutely Yes!  I will relentlessly energize the positive.
    * Stand 3: Absolutely Clear!  I will maintain total clarity about rules that demonstrate fair and consistent boundaries. 

    7 Mindsets

    Liberty Middle School implements 7 Mindsets curriculum weekly during Mustang Minutes or a core class.  Students participate in engaging activities and conversation to lead them toward successful lives.  The Mindsets are:

    • Everything is possible
    • Passion first
    • We are connected
    • 100% accountable
    • Attitude of gratitude
    • Live to give
    • The time is now


    Liberty Middle School's 4Rs' expectations outline the behaviors necessary to thrive at LMS.  The 4Rs include Respect, Relationships, Rigor, and Responsibility.  These expectations are intentionally taught, modeled, and practiced throughout the year. 


    Liberty counselors visit classrooms throughout the year focusing on ideas/concepts in:
    * Academic success - time managment, organization, digital citizenship
    * Social emotional learning - conflict resolution, positive relationships, diversity awareness, bullying, harassment, online safety, suicide awareness
    * Career awareness - four year plans, high school requirements

    Academic Teams - Mustang Minutes

    Each year, students are assigned to an academic team consisting of four core teachers (language arts, math, science, social studies).  One of those teachers serves as their Mustang Minutes advisor.  This setting allows students to build a positive relationship with the same teachers and peers throughout the academic school year.  Teams meet daily to view student data and share observations to better plan for student success.

    Classroom Engagement - Every student does everything everytime

    Liberty teachers utilize a variety of classroom management and student engagement strategies to ensure all students are active participants in their learning.  Frequent student-teacher conferencing allows students to view performance data to own their learning.