Freedom Elementary School Homework Policy & Expectations

  • HOMEWORK:  School work that is completed at home or outside school.

    West Fargo encourages all of our elementary students to read for a minimum of 20-30 minutes each night; this is the main component of "homework" for students at the elementary level.  Evidence of reading may include recording on a simple reading log, but will not require students to complete additional reading response work.  Families need to balance the time needed to read for two-three hours every week; perhaps not reading on an evening when they have activities and then reading more on an evening when they do not.

    Teachers may ask students to gather information at home in order to facilitate a school to home connection or generate ideas for a project; however, this information would not impact their grade, classroom incentives or ability to do the work that is assigned in class.

    Students may practice their proficient skills at home, but there should not be a requirement that they be returned to school in order to impact the student's grade.  Some examples of this would include working with vocabulary and word study skills or mathematical concepts.

    If a student is unable to finish a task in school or is absent from school and is fully prepared to complete it at home, work may be completed in that manner.  If instruction is needed before the work can be completed successfully, the teacher and student should work to find a time when it can be completed at school with guidance.