Neptune Radio Sponsorship Opportunities at Hulbert Aquatic Center

  • West Fargo Public Schools has partnered with Neptune Radio to create “WFPS Radio,” a family-friendly, upbeat music station that can be heard throughout all areas of the new, state-of-the-art Hulbert Aquatic Center.  WFPS Radio is a custom radio station with DJs, great music, and commercials for businesses and organizations from right here in the metro area.  This partnership provides a unique opportunity to businesses and organizations in our community to advertise to the estimated 7,000+ guests that will spend time at Hulbert Aquatic Center each month.

    Sponsorship packages are available now for Hulbert’s WFPS Radio station.  The table below reflects commercial counts and costs for one quarter (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December) of advertising.  Each package includes the production of one 0:30 commercial or you can provide your own MP3 file(s).  There is no limit to how often you change your commercial during the course of your package.              


    Commercial Counts



    225+ (average 3/day)



    390+ (average 5/day)



    630+ (average 8/day)


    Individual commercials are also available for purchase for $5 each. 

    Production fees for additional commercials are just $50 per commercial.   

    In addition to the packages outlined above, Hulbert’s WFPS Radio station also has three Platinum Sponsorship Packages available each year.  The Platinum Package is for the term of one calendar year and includes:

    • 3,000+ commercials
    • 1,200+ sponsor mentions by the DJ
    • Production costs for four 0:30 commercials
    • Two opportunities to promote/advertise in-person at Hulbert (dates agreed upon in advance with the Facility Director)

    The Platinum Sponsorship Packages for this year are available for $6,500 to the first three companies that inquire.