MTSS Study Hall

  • Welcome to MTSS Study Hall! This class has been designed to help students be successful in school. West Fargo Sheyenne High School has MTSS Study Halls to support students within the Reading, Math and Social Emotional Intervention Pathways. All study halls focus on organization, independent work-skills and student self-advocacy.


    This is what the teacher will do to help students be successful

    • Introduce methods and strategies for organization, study, and self-advocacy skill building
    • Conduct grade, homework, assignment, and organizational checks
    • Communicate with parent(s) or guardians regarding students’ progress
    • Monitor the MTSS agreement with students’ teachers
    • Provide time to work on your homework


    Upon completion of this course, students should be able to

    • Develop and demonstrate personal organizational, study, and self-advocacy skills
    • Independently monitor class grades and assignments
    • Communicate with parent(s) or guardians regarding progress
    • Adhere to the MTSS student responsibilities agreement
    • Effectively utilize class time to work on homework


    These are the things you are expected to have with you at the start of class everyday

    • An Organizational System/Tool agreed upon by you and your teacher and Mustang Planner
      • Example: Binder - This is the organization tool that students will use unless otherwise approved by teacher
      • Tab dividers to separate classes
      • Zipper pouch to store supplies
      • At least two pens, two pencils, and a highlighter
      • Notebook paper in every section of the binder
    • Any books or assignments that will be worked on during class.


    These expectations are in place to ensure that we will have a safe and orderly classroom to allow every person the opportunity to reach his/her maximum potential.

    BE HERD:


    This is a graded class. You will be able to earn ¼ of a credit per semester. Each week you will be assessed on the following

    • Grade Reports–should be completed, up to date and in binder.
    • Assignment Check – any missing or late assignment should include a plan for completion.
    • Agenda Usage – Agenda shows assignments any other relevant information for the week.
    • Organization – All materials are organized for each class.


    • Teachers - Talk to your teachers, ask for help! They are here to help you be successful, so use them!
    • SharePoint - All notes and many assignments and resources will be on SharePoint. You can access these from any computer. You need to use your school username and password. There are instructions online. If you miss class, get the notes online or from someone else.
    • - FREE live tutors available online for students in North Dakota. Tutors are available from 6-10 PM Sunday through Thursday. You can even upload your work to have them proofread and help you even more! They are REALLY good!