Reading Pathway

  • The Green pathway denotes the Benchmark (on grade level) students who will receive high quality curriculum and instruction in the general classroom.

    The Yellow pathway denotes the Strategic Interventions for students who need additional support on what they are receiving from the general curriculum.

    The Red pathway denotes the Intensive Interventions for those students who have the greatest needs in reading.

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Reading Pathway II

  • >3.0 WIDA Score = Core+
    <3.0 = Sheltered Instruction
    Exited EL Students = Casemanagement as needed
    If a student is in EL programming and continues to score below a 600 lexile after Block read180 they will enter EL Language Arts plus intervention.

    *If a student’s data is inconsistent, further information will be gathered through a file review and discussions with teachers who know the student to determine the appropriate level of intervention.