Attendance Rules & Regulations for Community High School

  • Students receive two health days per month per class. This includes parent requests, appointments, etc., calculated up to the nearest hour. These absences do not extend deadlines. For illnesses of two or more days, an illness waiver form can be submitted to the CHS for approval. Students are responsible for obtaining the form, having it completed by a medical provider, and returning it to the school office within one week of absence. If approved, the absences will extend deadlines.

    Funeral, court, and family vacation absences are allowed with preapproval from the CHS principal at least two days prior to the absence. Course deadlines are not extended for court and family vacations.

    Flex Time
    Flex time can be earned by meeting weekly deadlines. If you do not meet a course deadline from the previous week, you do not earn flex time. Students who are given approval for additional absences (chronic health or other issues) are not eligible for flex time.

    If you meet the previous week's deadline in your course, your teacher will give you 24 minutes times the number of school days for flex time on the current week's timecard. For example:

    • 3 days x 24 minutes = 72 minutes
    • 4 days x 24 minutes = 96 minutes
    • 5 days x 24 minutes = 2 hours

    If you exceed the flex time, or are minus time allowed for the week, you may make up the time by attending study hall or take an "F" in the course and start another course. Time can be made up only in study hall during the assigned study hall times. To attend study hall, you must be in class by 2:00PM and cannot punch out early. If you cannot attend study hall, then do not miss school.

    You will receive 30 days in which to finish your course. There are rewards for completing the course earlier than your original deadline. If you finish your class in 24-25 days, you earn two 3-hour passes and 1/2 credit. If you finish your class in 26-28 days, you earn one 3-hour pass and 1/2 credit. If you finish your class in 29-30 days, you earn 1/2 credit. The 3-hour pass can be used to extend a deadline date or can be used to take three hours off between classes (after you have finished one class and before you start the next one). Halfway deadlines cannot be extended.

    Note: If you elect to take an "F" in a course, you will be placed on the Accountability Tracking System. If you do not finish a course within the 30 days, you will earn an "F" and will be placed on the Accountability Tracking System.