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    One of the requirements of the Physical Education classes at Aurora Elementary is that our students need to bring tennis shoes every day.  Athletic tennis shoes are built to provide support to your foot and ankle during physical activity, and as a result they help reduce the risk of fractures and sprains while active.  The necessity of wearing proper shoes is wholly instruction and safety driven. Our students have PE every day, so we recommend students either wear their shoes to school, or keep a pair in their locker if they choose to wear something else like sandals, or boots.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us at the school.

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    Please do not send or drop off your students before 7:30am. We do not have supervision for students until 7:30am. Our front doors and bus loop doors will be locked until 7:30am. 

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  • West Fargo Public Schools
    West Fargo Public Schools is starting the school year as masks recommended for unvaccinated students and staff. If you would like your child to wear a mask during the day, please let your child’s teacher know. Our staff will work with your child to consistently and correctly wear their mask during the day, similar to how we work with students that need to wear glasses. If your child has difficulty wearing their mask consistently and correctly, or outright refuses, their teacher will setup a meeting with you to discuss how we can continue to best support your desire for your child to be masked while at school.

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  • Federal law requires anyone using public transportation, which school buses are considered, to be masked while onboard. If a student boards the bus without a mask, one will be provided to them. If your student is a bus rider, please send them with a mask and/or encourage them to wear their mask consistently and correctly while on the bus. Since the driver is often the only adult onboard, your help in encouraging mask-wearing would be greatly appreciated!


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    • When dropping off or picking up your child curb-side, please pull all the way forward along the curb so you are directly behind the vehicle in front of you. This will allow as many cars as possible in the lane at one time.
    • Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the loop. If you need to walk in or meet your child at the door, please use a parking space and be sure to use the designated crosswalk near the front doors.
    • Kindly reserve “handicap” designated parking spaces for those displaying a handicap permit in their vehicle. It’s the law!

    Thank you for helping ensure our students remain safe and drop-off and pick up times runs smoothly.

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