Morning & Afternoon Procedures

  • Before School


    1. Buses will start to arrive at Westside at 7:35 am. Students that are dropped off by vehicle MUST be dropped off in the vehicle loop (North doors) by the main entrance. Students may only be dropped off and picked up in the far right lane, exiting out of the right vehicle doors. Drivers must remain with their vehicle. Childcare vehicles may use the bus loop (South doors) to drop off and pick up students. Supervision will be provided in designated areas by staff with safety vests to assist students.


    1. Upon arrival, students may access designated activities or supervised areas, but are not allowed to go to lockers or classrooms before the first bell at 7:55 am (K-2) or second bell at 8:00 am (3-5). Students that walk to school or are dropped off are encouraged to arrive just before 8:00 amStudents may not be dropped off or enter the school before 7:30 am.
      1. Breakfast starts at 7:35 am in the cafeteria.
      2. Wake-Up and Walk will be supervised starting at 7:35 am. Students learned about the walking zones on the first day of school. K-2 students will stay on the North side and walk around the playground and the North sidewalk, 3-5 Students will stay on the South side and walk around the basketball court area, South sidewalk, and walking path.
      3. Reading Room starts at 7:35 am in the Library.
      4. Homework Room starts at 7:35 am in Room 301.
      5. When wind chill temperatures are below -15 degrees or it is raining, students are to report to assigned areas in grade level wings or the gym.


    After School


    Walkers and riders will exit through the Main Entrance (North Doors). Bus riders will exit through South doors (bus loop)Daycare transportation students will wait with staff in room 216 until their vehicle arrives and exit through the South doors (bus loop).


    At 2:38 pm: Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 will be dismissed from classrooms and will be escorted by their teacher to the main entrance (North Doors) and assigned Bus Doors. Parents may meet students at the doors, outside of the school.


    At 2:41 pmGrade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 students will be dismissed. Teachers will escort students to the Bus Doors and Main Office DoorsGrade 4 will exit 4th Grade Doors (Door 12).


    For students riding the bus, teachers will walk students all the way to the end of the sidewalk before allowing students to load the buses to monitor safety and positive behavior.


    For students getting picked up by vehicles or walking home, teachers will walk with students outside of the main entrance to monitor safety and positive behavior. Supervision is provided to assist children and parents in the pick-up/drop-off area to ensure safety and efficient vehicle movement. Students will use the crosswalk when accessing the parking lot. Drivers must stay with the vehicles and be ready to move ahead to fill open spaces in the vehicle loop. If parents wish to leave their vehicle to walk up to the building, they are required to use the parking spaces provided in our parking lots. Any students not picked up by 3 pm will be directed to the office.


    After school YMCA students will check in with YMCA staff upon arrival to the YMCA area.


    Childcare vehicles will pick up students after busses have departed. Each childcare will have a designated area for students to wait inside the building before being escorted by a paraprofessional to marked childcare vehicles. Marked childcare vehicles may enter the bus loop after all 3 WFPS school buses have parked in their assigned spaces.


    If you child's transportation details change (ex: parent pick-up instead of riding the bus), you must notify the main office and child's teacher before 12:00pm. Students will not be allowed to leave the bus line without verification from the main office on who is picking up the child. Please plan in advance.