West Fargo Student Management Program (RtI-b)

  • West Fargo School District Elementary Buildings have adopted a Code of Conduct, which defines the operating principles of the entire school community. The Code of Conduct outlines how members of our schools are expected to interact with one another.

    Staff and students will work together to help every person reach his/her fullest potential; academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. We believe that behavior is a choice. We believe that discipline is guidance. Through discipline we strive to teach appropriate conduct and personal responsibility using an equal balance of logical consequences, problem solving and restitution. Students will be expected to own their behaviors and solve their problems with adult guidance. Behavior which helps someone grow and mature will be encouraged. Behavior, which interferes with another person's growth or rights, will not be tolerated.

    We believe that when a school defines, teaches, enforces and reinforces a Code of Conduct the stage is set for managing student behavior with clear limits, caring, and consistency.

    North Dakota Century Code (NDCC) requires that any school district with multiple schools at any given level must have identical behavior management programs using identical language and expectations (NDCC 15.1-19-02).

    To help meet requirements of the North Dakota Century Code, every school K-5 has participated in Department of Public Instruction RtI-B training and a district discipline committee was formed to create a uniform Student Management Program. A Code of Conduct was created to guide operating principles, life skills created to guide social skills expectations; Behavior Matrix created to provide positive procedures in a school community, and training of staff to help build positive relationships with students to facilitate effective classroom management and ultimately a positive learning environment.

    West Fargo Public Schools Code of Conduct
    I am respectful.
    I am responsible.
    I am safe.

    We are here to learn; therefore, I will do nothing to keep the teacher from teaching and anyone from learning, including myself. I will cooperate with all people within the school community. I will respect others, the environment and myself. I will not use any mean word, sign, or act that threatens or hurts a person's body, feelings, or property.

    The West Fargo Student Management Program emphasizes our behavioral expectations and procedures that every teacher will demonstrate and review throughout the school year and every student will practice and apply daily.