Expectations & Guidelines

  • Expectations & Guidelines


    All students who utilize district transportation services are subject to the following rules:

    • Obey the bus driver.
    • Stay in your seat, facing forward, with legs and arms out of the aisle.
    • Keep your hands, head, and feet in the bus.
    • No eating or drinking while on the bus.
    • Bus riders will always conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner.

    If the rules listed above are not followed, the following consequences will be enacted:

    • Low-Level Infractions: Students who violate low-level rules are subject to in-school consequences which are determined by the principal at each school. Upon third low level write up student may be subject to the high-level consequences.
    • High Level - 1st offense: Student will be removed from the bus for one week.
    • High Level - 2nd offense: Student will be removed from the bus for two weeks.
    • High Level - 3rd offense: Student will be removed from the bus for one month.
    • High Level - 4th offense: Student will be removed from the bus for the remainder of school year.
    • Severe Clause: Students may have their riding privileges suspend for longer durations for severe acts on the bus.
    • Revoking Clause: A student may have their bus riding privileges permanently denied for serious actions, or threats that pose a danger to others.


    The Transportation Department is required to keep the number of riders equal to or less than the stated capacity of the school bus. For secondary routes, the rider count is kept at or below two-thirds of the stated bus capacity.


    Students are not allowed to bring guests onto the school bus unless:

    • Prior approval from the Transportation Department and their school is requested and received by 12:00PM on day of request.
    • Guest has bus riding privileges.
    • The guest is a student in West Fargo Public Schools.
    • Bus has available capacity.

    Multiple guests for birthday parties and sleepovers will not be allowed. The term "guests" encompasses parents/guardians.


    Students tardy to school will be excused if their delay is the result of bus service problems or circumstances beyond the control of the student. A student will not be excused when arriving late if they have created a discipline issue or were late at the bus stop.



    Students are not allowed to bring on the bus any articles that the driver or para considers to be dangerous or that may cause injury. Items such as baseball bats, golf clubs, tennis rackets, rollerblades, skateboards, and umbrellas are not allowed on route buses.

    Food, drinks, and cell phones must be stored at all times.

    The Transportation Department is not responsible for any items lost on the bus.

    Band instruments are welcome on the bus if there is room to store the item in a seat and it does not displace another student.


    All bus riders are expected to behave in a respectful and courteous manner. Bus riders must maintain a low volume of their voice and remain in their seats at all times. WFPS maintains a standardized discipline policy for all students who ride regular education buses.


    The Transportation Department monitors behavior on school buses that it deems necessary through the use of video cameras. Video is not archived unless it is considered to be useful for the school district or law enforcement. Access to bus video is limited to appropriate school district staff and law enforcement. Students and parents may have access to still images when deemed necessary by the Transportation Director or Superintendent.


    Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that their child is appropriately dressed to maintain reasonable comfort in the event that a bus breaks down. The Transportation Department is concerned about children who utilize the bus services who are not dressed appropriately for harsh winter conditions. If the transportation staff notes a pattern of a child not being dressed appropriately for the weather, a child's bus riding privileges may be suspended until the parent/guardian can ensure the child is dressed appropriately. The Transportation Department or the child's school will notify the parent/guardian prior to the suspension. During after-school busing, a child who is not dressed appropriately for harsh weather conditions may be instructed to go into the school office. The child's parent will be responsible to pick up the student as soon as possible.