Special Needs Transportation

  • Parents/guardians or daycare providers are responsible for bringing their children to the bus on time and being there when their children are dropped off. It is necessary that the bus is met upon arrival, as our drivers have very tight schedules to adhere to.

    The Transportation Department requires an updated SE15 form on all students who utilize transportation services.

    The bus driver may refuse to transport children that are not appropriately dressed for the weather conditions. For example, children need hats, mittens, boots, warm coats, etc. during winter months.

    If someone other than the parent/guardian or regular daycare provider is meeting the bus, the Transportation Department must be notified of the change. If the new individual's name is not shared with Transportation, the child will be returned to school.

    Each special needs student must have one permanent pick-up address and one permanent drop off address on file with the Transportation Department; changes will only be made in extraordinary circumstances. This change could take up to 3-5 working days.

    If your child will not be riding the bus for whatever reason, you need to call the Transportation Department at 701-356-2120.

    If no one is at the address when the bus arrives with your child, the child will be returned to their school and the family will be responsible for picking their child up.

    Please do not send food for your child to eat on the bus.

    Please do not send toys on the bus. Toys dropped on the floor can be hazardous. The children also try to get out of their seats to retrieve them, which is dangerous.

    All students who ride the special needs buses are required to use a child restraint system until their seventh birthday. The district provides all necessary equipment for transportation.

    If medication is being sent to the school with your child on the bus, please make the driver and bus aide aware.

    NOTE: Bus pick up and drop off times may vary by day depending on which students are riding and their departure time from school.

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